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“It is impossible to read this post and not have a smile on your face!”
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CBS broke the news that Mora has agreed to stay on at UCLA and turn down all Washington overtures.  It has since been confirmed by a statement from Dan Guerrero.

From Coach Mora’s statement:

“I want to thank Dan Guerrero and Chancellor Gene Block for theirJM_1 tremendous support,” said Mora. “This further commitment the University has made is crucial as we continue in our pursuit of excellence. From day one our goal has been to win championships, and with our tremendous staff, our incredible student-athletes and our dedicated administration, UCLA will win championships. We’ve only just scratched the surface of our potential, and as a Bruin fan, I’d be chomping at the bit just to see what UCLA football is going to do next.”

From Dan Guerrero’s statement:

“Jim Mora has established himself as one of the preeminent coaches in all of college football,” said Guerrero. “Under his guidance, UCLA football has garnered national recognition for its success on the field, in the classroom and in the community. We are excited about the commitment Jim has made to our student-athletes and this University and feel this extension further demonstrates UCLA’s commitment to building a championship-caliber football program.”

With overtures from Washington, Mora was able to negotiate new contracts for himself and his staff.  Further details that have been provided by include:

“UCLA took action swiftly, reaching a deal with Mora on a long-term contract, thought to be six years, worth more than $3 million annually.

Such a contract would put Mora among the top paid 12 to 15 coaches in college football.

Another requirement was an increase in his assistants’ salaries. UCLA, according to sources, agreed to increase salaries of Mora’s coaches by $1.3 to $1.5 million. An increase of that magnitude should put UCLA’s staff among the top two paid staffs in the Pac-12.

A big factor in Mora returning was UCLA’s recent commitment to building a new football-only facility. Key to this is UCLA recently securing a donor that will contribute a very large sum toward the construction of the facility.

Other administrative details were also agreed upon, mostly concerning Mora’s ability to be less impeded in terms of certain projects and recruits’ admissions.”

We here at consider this a major cultural change in the UCLA administration, and it comes from the top.  We encourage everyone to support UCLA athletics and Coach Mora in whatever ways are possible for them.  Whether it is giving to UCLA, or to the Jim Mora Foundation, or just emailing to express your new confidence in the direction of the program.  We hammer the administration when things go wrong, we should also honor them when they do things right (a little classical conditioning never hurts).

“We talk a lot about family within our program, and now, we need the entire UCLA family to join us on this endeavor. I can’t wait to get this effort underway.”

– Jim Mora

Ways you can be supportive:

Donate to the Wooden Athletic Fund.

Donate to the $50 million dollar Football Training Athletic Facility (someone has to pay for it).

Contact the UCLA Athletics Development office at (310) 206-3302 or email at for other ways to help.

Make a deposit on 2014 season tickets.  We are going to be good, and the best seats are going to dry up fast. It helps the program to sell the seats, it helps the team to have a full house, and it will help you to be part of the something great.

Support the Jim Mora Count on Me Family Foundation

Email someone and let them know you are proud to be a Bruin today.  If you bought season tickets or have donated, let them know that as well.  We encourage you to do this because it only takes a minute, is free to do, and will make a big difference in how the administration approaches these situations in the future. – Chancellor Gene Block (he had the final say on signing off on this contract, and if there is an easing of admission requirements, it would be because of him. – Athletic Director Dan Guerrero.  Sure he has made some mistakes but he has also achieved a lot in his tenure such as the new $11 million Spieker Aquatics Center used by our aquatics teams, the 2008 renovation of Jackie Robinson Stadium, the $180 million remodel of Pauley Pavilion, and the just announced renovation of Drake Stadium.   All of these required an amazing amount of fund raising AND dedication.  They don’t just happen by themselves.  Give the man credit when it is due. – Coach Mora. This email actually goes to his executive assistant Jolie Oliver (who we think practically runs the entire football program – trust us, she is indispensable).

Other emails – if you want to let the assistants know you appreciate them (we highly recommend it – they will often reply too !) or want to contact some other administrators, here you go.

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  1. Didn’t Washington have to get permission from UCLA to talk to Mora? I thought that was some kind of law.

  2. As far as we know, that is just a “protocol of honor” between institutions. It is a courtesy that some schools seem to honor and others do not.