Nov 222013

Holy cow, UCLA is taking the gloves off and putting on the brass knuckles!

Zimmer Gunsul Frasca LLP (ZGF) has been selected as the architects for the new football training facility and we really like this pick. Even though the only athletic facility ZGF is known for is the new one at the University of Oregon, they have a reputation for some really cool designs and have worked with higher education quite a bit (and we cannot emphasize how important that is). It will be interesting to see if ZGF again teams up with Firm 151 on the interior design work as they did with the Oregon facility.

The Oregon facility while majestic, did run over budget millions of dollars (there is no official exact figure for the cost). And of course, Oregon has some deep pocket donors to pick up the difference. UCLA donors have not shown that kind of funding muscle in the past, so it will be necessary for Sr. Associate Athletic Director Ken Weiner to learn the lessons of the Pauley Pavilion remodel and get the most for the $50 million budgeted for the new facility.

In case you are curious where it will reside on campus, take a look at this map:

UCLA football facility

Another ZGF higher education campus project is the $73 million dollar Soka University Performing Arts Center


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