Aug 122016

Again, Coach Mora and UCLA Football have shown they are willing to try whatever it takes to maintain a winning program.  In the past, the team has spent time with the Navy Seals, taken instruction from a martial arts expert, and used some of the most state-of-the-art virtual reality passing game software.

Now they have gone back to their bag of tricks and brought in a mental conditioning coach.  And why not?  The program conditions a player’s body, so why not his mind as well.

Trevor Moawad has been hired as a consultant to help the Bruins gain that mental edge.

Moawad is, frankly, one of the preeminent leaders in this emerging field in athletics.  His client list is a who’s who of elite athletes including Cam Newton, Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, Fred Taylor, Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson, soccer player Freddie Adu, eight consecutive seasons advising the University of Alabama football team (earning five national championship rings), six consecutive seasons advising the Florida State University football team, the Miami Dolphins, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and was the Mental Endurance Coach for the Memphis Grizzlies.  The list goes on and on.
trevor-moawad-alabama-sidelinesIt should be noted that he does not have a medical degree.  He has a B.A. in Comparative Politics and an M.A. in Education from Occidental College. He actually comes out of the motivational speaker field and his career really seems to have taken off when he became Director of Performance for IMG.  As an interesting side note, he was instrumental in encouraging IMG to buy the licensing rights for John Wooden’s name.

So what does he do? Some of his techniques include:

  • Positive visualization.
  • Creating a mental checklist for the players to refer to both before, and during a game.
  • Teaching players how to handle the down-time during the game.   There is a lot of time when the players are just standing around such as when they are not on the field, or time-outs, or penalties, etc.  Moawad is particularly concerned with a player’s state of mind during these periods when they have time to think.

The guy definitely has the credentials based on his client list.