Dec 022013

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Today: Thoughts on Broussard, UCLA basketball alum, and tasars.

Updated: 12/2/2013 3:57 pm

Brossard Fired – Our Thoughts

UCLA running back coach Steve Broussard has been fired but the reasons are different than what is being reported. There is a lot of speculation about why, but our sources are telling us there were multiple issues and and it was NOT just about recruiting (as is being reported elsewhere), and in fact recruiting was only a minor part of it. Broussard’s recruiting areas included Long Beach, the Inland Empire, Riverside County, Idaho and Washington. As we get more details, we’ll report them.


Other sites are speculating that current graduate assistant DeShaun Foster will get the promotion. While Foster is well liked, his coaching experience is still limited. If so, it would be interesting if it gets announced TODAY. UCLA has an in-home visit with one of the top backs in the country, Joe Mixon, tonight and no doubt, they would like to have a answer when he asks who his position coach will be.

We don’t know if Foster has passed the NCAA recruiting test which is required before he can recruit. However, it is an easy test – 30 questions (you have to answer 24 correctly), open book, and you have an hour to complete. Think you can do it? Take the NCAA D-1 practice test HERE.

We are hearing the name of Kennedy Polamalu, a volunteer coach at a local high school, who also was once the OC at USC, and a graduate assistant at UCLA at one time.

Something else to consider is that with the changes at USC and Washington, there are a number of good recruiters/coaches that are now open to offers. After being humiliated by USC, Orgeron may be ripe for the taking. Say what you want about him but in our opinion, he is still the best recruiter in the country and he would probably be on a mission recruiting AGAINST USC. Tee Martin might also be someone to look at. USC will buy Tosh Lupoi half of Orange County to keep him, so he is probably out of the question. Bringing in guys like this and figuring out how they fit into the staff would require some creative personnel management but could significantly increase the effectiveness of recruiting against the Sark/Tosh recruiting machine across town. Whether you think Sark can coach or not, he can still recruit with the best of them, and at USC that is huge.

HERE is a brief story on the firing.

Where Are They Now? Fascinating Update On Former UCLA Basketball Player, Bob Meyers

At age 37, life continues to be a box of chocolates for Myers. After his tenure at UCLA, he picked up a degree from the Loyola Law School, landed a gig with one of the world’s top sports agency firms and now he’s running the basketball team that he rooted for growing up in the East Bay (Golden State Warriors)…Nowadays, Myers is following the UCLA model as he builds a winning basketball team at Oracle Arena.

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UCLA Women’s Soccer Team Advances To The NCAA College Cup

With only one loss on the season, a PAC-12 title, the Bruins will play Virginia next Friday in the semi-finals.  Story HERE.

Strange And Odd Story Of The Day

Customer Tasered By Another Customer In Black Friday Melee!  We love Black Friday much more for the drama than for the deals!

Two women were captured on video early Friday morning throwing punches at a Philadelphia, PA. mall before one of the women used a stun gun on the other.

Read HERE for the story AND the video.

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