Aug 222016

While probably expected, we were still a little surprised to see the attention Josh Rosen received on campus at the end of camp.  But then again that was at the Fan Appreciation Day on campus, so he should be popular, right?

However we did not expect to see the attention ramp up on a scorching hot day in San Bernardino, 50 miles east of the UCLA campus.  On this day, we knew Rosen has captured the attention of not only UCLA fans, but college football fans across America.  For us, this was his coming out party as a football rock star.

He drew a crowd, A REALLY BIG CROWD.

Here is a new video of his “coming out as a star” experience in San Bernardino.

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  1. Man this is wild. Heisman here we come!

  2. This is a waste of your time. Adoree’ Jackson is the ONLY real Heisman candidate on the west coast this year. Rosen is a nice player but I can tell you that when the USC PR machine gets rolling on Jackson: Rosen, this video, and UCLA are going to disappear faster than your run defense did last season.

  3. Hey Trojanrules, not a chance Jackson gets the Heisman before Rosen.

  4. I’m showing this to my trojan friends. About time we had some star power. Seems like it is always across town.

  5. Thanks for creating this, it is fun stuff instead of constant negative stuff about Mique.

  6. Saw this posted while visiting an A&M site. (they are all over it and HATE IT LOL). Very cool.

  7. I was there and he did sign hundreds of autographs and was really nice to my kids. Everyone should see this.

  8. Thanks for putting this out there. I think this young man gets a bad rap sometimes. I have met him three times and EVERY time he has been polite and friendly. I was there for the autograph session and had him sign a jersey. He took his time with EVERY single fan in line.

    I also want to add Ish Adams has also always been very polite and generous with his time with this fan. He may also have a bad rap because of what happened last year, but these are young men and they sometimes make mistakes. From a distance as a fan reading what others say about them, we get the wrong impression. When you meet them face-to-face you get a better understanding of the real person.

  9. That was funny. A lot of people think that autograph is going to be worth a ton of money in a few years. If I was betting, I would say they are right and it was worth a couple hours to get it.