Nov 242013

Congratulations to Stan and his girl Chelcey. Stan recently proposed to her on the field, in front of the team, right after the Washington victory.  And she said YES! Unfortunately, we are also hearing that some disturbing racist remarks have been made to them via social media…they are an inter-racial couple.

Hopefully it was not from anyone currently or ever affiliated with UCLA.

You see, UCLA was an early adopter of equality and a pioneer in ending segregation on college campuses. Didn’t know that? Check these out:

  • The UCLA student body elected Sherrill Luke, an African American, student body president all the way back in the 1940’s. The student body has also elected African-American females, Latinos, and Asian presidents.
  • Bunche Hall, one of the largest buildings on campus is named after UCLA grad, Nobel Prize winner and African American Ralph Bunche. I believe Bunche was also the first African American to win the award.
  • In the 1950’s African American students at USC traveled to UCLA to join college fraternities as well as many clubs.
  • In athletics, UCLA is the school that produced the first African American in modern Major League Baseball, Jackie Robinson, the first two African Americans in the modern NFL, Kenny Washington and Woody Strode (who also broke the Hollywood barrier by becoming the first black cowboy movie star with over 70 movies). The first African American to break the NBA color barrier was UCLA great Don Barksdale. Barksdale was also the first African American All-American Basketball player, the first African American on the US Olympic basketball team, and the first African American NBA All-Pro. Other proud sons of UCLA include the first African American Olympic Decathlon Champion, Rafer Johnson (who also was elected student body president in 1959), the first African American to win Wimbledon, Arthur Ashe. It is not coincidence that the people who broke the color barrier in professional football, basketball, baseball, tennis and several other sports all attended UCLA. When UCLA had an African American head football coach, Karl Dorrell, he was one of only two in the entire country at the division one level.
  • Also, UCLA has a proud tradition representing other groups as well. Women (Ann Meyers first woman to be offered a full athletic scholarship), Latinos (Dan Guerrero one of ONLY a few Latino athletic directors in the country). This list can go on and on.

While hearing about situations such as Stan and Kelsey’s saddens us (especially in 2013), everyone who is part of the UCLA family can be proud of the legacy and history of UCLA and the battles it has fought on behalf of equality.

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