Dec 102014

Every once in a while we let our site visitors ask us questions. This time, it is specifically about recruiting.

Q: What’s the deal with Biggie? Is he playing with us? – BruinRick Guys: If you read our Recruiting Monster Board, we address this a little. Iman Marshall (Biggie) has grown up with, and has been, and is surrounded by USC fans. So yes, he has a lot of people pushing him to attend USC. Everyone wants to say that their son, brother, friend, has a full ride to a big time program like USC. But in the end, it is Marshall’s choice. He is the one that has to attend the school everyday, and play for the coaches he chooses. We like UCLA’s chances. As for the allure of USC to his entourage, neither USC or UCLA are the schools of the past. Today, USC has lost to UCLA three straight years, and has some great coaches. We can’t say the same about USC.

Q: Can Rosen compete for the starting job at UCLA from day 1? – Anonymous Guys: Yes, he is that good but as a true freshman, we can expect the road to be a little bumpy.

Q: Dechaun Holiday or Quinten Meeks? – Randy Guys: Holiday. Just named San Diego defensive player of the year.

Q: This year is starting to feel like last year in recruiting. We get all hyped up and then on signing day, everyone goes elsewhere. What do you think? – WestwoodRules Guys: We understand, but we actually feel a lot better than we did at this time last year. The current state of recruiting feels more realistic. Some of the really elite recruits that other sites were saying were heading to UCLA last year, well, we just were not feeling it. We just didn’t understand where all the optimism was coming from. People sometimes hear what they want to hear, and not what the recruits are saying or doing. Who knows how we will end up, but the elite recruits that are showing interest seem to really be interested in UCLA and not just showing respect to our coaches like last year.

Q: Any surprises this year? How about making a crazy prediction? – ArtV Guys: Serra high school Defensive lineman Rasheem Green is a guy that seems like a real long shot right now, but could be a Bruin at the end of the day. Offensive lineman Dru Samia is another.

Q: Who would you have liked to see us go after harder? – Anonymous Guys: First name that comes to mind is the receiver from Hart, Trent Irwin. One word for that young man: C-O-M-P-E-T-I-T-O-R. Everyone says he is too slow, maxed out physically, and has already reached his full potential. But you know what? The guy HATES to lose and will go through brick walls to win. Every team needs guys like that.

Q: I think USC is going to kill the bRuins in recruiting now that the sanctions are off. Everyone says Sark is younger and talks the talk of high school kids, more than mora. That is why he was hired. We could have had mora, but we chose Sark. That says it all. – USCAlwaysWins Guys: Not sure what the question was but Mora is proving to be one of the best recruiting head coaches in college football. We suspect Trojan fans would swap coaches in a second if they had the chance.

Q: I saw your sentence about Kahahakua leaving Wisconsin. You really seem to like him, any chance he comes to UCLA? – Anonymous Guys: Yeah we really like Chad Kauha’aha’a and actually suggested him last year when we posted our Bruin Coaching Hot Board. Don’t think the timing is right for UCLA – there are no openings and probably won’t be until after the Alamo Bowl. Some school will lock him in by then. He only made $205,000 last year, and will be able to command a lot more than that with his next contract. Sark at USC has a history of making runs after top recruiters. We would not be surprised to hear USC make a play for him.





  2 Responses to “RECRUITING Q&A”

  1. So far, I count about 18 commitments.
    You guys mention an additional ton of 4 & 5 star recruits interested in the Bruins.
    Realistically, how many more can we take?

  2. Well the coaches have a lot of different ways to go. We think it will be a full class if the right recruits decide to commit. Also, some recruits like Rosen could be applied to last year’s class since they are enrolling early.

    It is quite possible the size of the class will depend on who wants to commit. For instance, if Iman Marshall wants to commit on the eve of national signing day and our scholarship numbers are maxed out, what do you think happens?

    We take him. Period. Than means something has to change since they can only sign 25 players in a class. They can ask certain recruits to grey-shirt, they can drop certain recruits who chose to visit other schools AFTER they committed to UCLA. If a recruit is taking visits, they can’t expect a school to hold a scholarship forever. The school is only obligated to the recruit to the extant that the recruit is committed to the school. If a recruit commits to UCLA and shuts down their recruitment, meaning no trips to other schools, no contact with other coaches from other schools, no unofficial visits to other schools, then in our opinion, UCLA must honor their scholarship. Period.

    On the other hand, if the recruit commits to UCLA thinking they are locking in their scholarship, and then continues to visit other schools (officially or unofficially), or mentions they need to keep looking around to make sure they made the right choice, then UCLA has every right to keep recruiting that position and offering other players that scholarship. It is a little bit of a cat and mouse game for both the school and the recruit.

    Anyway, your question was how many guys will we take in this recruiting class. We think the full load of 25, although some could end up enrolling early.