Mar 282014

The Florida Game and the Season

bannerWe try to keep things in perspective, so for us, the bottom line is that we won the games we were expected to win, and lost the game we were expected to lose.  Are we disappointed?  Sure but Florida is a good team, and frankly, it is very hard to win a national championship.  Ridiculously hard.  Ask any of the very good teams with strong proven coaches that have already left the tournament.  Heck, ask Bill Self, coach of a team with potentially three first round draft picks.  Ask Coach K and Duke, loser to Mercer.  Yes, Mercer.

The tournament is big money which means there are very talented teams with very talented coaching staffs.  Only one gets the ring.  We are not into moral or symbolic victories, but in our opinion, the real National Championship game took place Thursday between Florida and UCLA.

We want to thank the players, the coaches, and the seniors, for coming to UCLA and being part of the Bruin Family.   Once a Bruin, always a Bruin.

Zach LaVine and the NBA: All-Star or All-Bust?

The Daily News reports that Zach’s father stated that Zach is declaring for the NBA draft.   No one seems to have heard from Zach himself, so we will wait and see.  From our perspective, it sounds like the agents have gotten in the ears of his influencers.

We are in the camp that Zach has NBA “potential.”  We are not in the camp that says he is a legit first rounder.    Zach certainly has the body and athleticism that the NBA loves.  However, the NBA is about more than just being a freak athlete.  It also helps to be mature, and to have the right psychological makeup.   The NBA is a man’s game.  It is first and foremost a business with a lot of money on the line.  There is no pampering, no babysitting, and players are nothing more than an investment.   That is why we have seen high draft freak athletes fizzle, and why the NBA doesn’t want players right out of high school.  Zach is a talent but the way he faded as the season went on, leads us to believe he is not ready mentally.  Schools realized when they guard him tight, his scoring shuts down.   Yeah, he has an open court dunk highlight reel, but dunking over slow 5’10” 2-star USC guards (or in some cases, no one) is a lot easier than it will be in the NBA.

We could very well be wrong, but right now, it is hard for us to believe that when the draft comes around, there won’t be at least 30 players from around the world, that the NBA would rather take a chance on.

Here is a video of Zach’s now famous windmill dunk against Missouri

Kyle Anderson to Enter NBA Draft

According to Adam Zangoria who interviewed Kyle’s father (yes, another parent talking about their son’s NBA future).  Not particularly shattering news, but we think his draft stock would increase significantly with one more college year.  He made great strides this season, and another would increase his pocketbook by a few million.  Right now, we think he needs a team that knows how to use him.  With another year, he may develop to the point of being useful to any team as a lottery pick. has him at number 19, going to the Chicago Bulls.

Chris Mannix has him going at 20 on the Big Board.

ESPN’s Chad Ford has him at number 24 in the draft.

Even Jordan Adams is Getting in the Act!

Neal Nieves of 247 Sports tweeted that Jordan will also be testing the NBA draft.  We don’t subscribe to 247 Sports so we can’t verify if Nieves actually spoke with Jordan, if it is hearsay, or if this is just a logical, educated guess.

Transcripts From the Post-Florida Game With Alford, Anderson, and Adams

Unlike a bunch of other sites who are posting these transcripts as their own, we are giving credit to the organization that produces them.  Yeah, we know how it feels when the same sites steal our stuff too.  We also know what it feels like when we pay for something that we should have gotten free.

Alford: “I really appreciate the effort of our seniors.  Both Dave and Travis have been tremendous all year.  Kyle was mentioning walking down here, they haven’t gotten near the credit that they deserve.  They’ve worked their tails off all year in practice.  They’ve just done a great job anchoring our defense and doing the little things for us.”

To read the full transcript, click HERE.

And Finally…

Still waiting to hear from Andy “Sweet 16” Enfield.  Mr. Dunk City has been rather quiet during the tournament.

Now, back to football!


  1. you people need to spend more time visiting BN. You are the ONLY site that is supporting alford. THE ONLY ONE!!! You really think we had an awesone season? If we didn’t have Daddy’s Boy we would have won another five games at least, not to mention trounce florida. We are going to start a petition to get rid of BOTH alfords. If we do it, will you post the link to it on your homepage?

  2. Dear Mr. Fire Alford Guy,

    First, we don’t read Bruins Nation, although we do sometimes read their stories that come through our news feeds. So we really don’t know what their position is on anything nor do we try to “align” our selves with them. They do their thing and we do ours. Pretty simple. If we are the only ones with our opinion, so be it. We have no interest in repeating whatever is found on BN or Bro or any other site.

    Second, we never wrote that we thought UCLA had an “awesome” season. We thought they mostly beat the teams they should have, and mostly lost to the teams they were expected to lose to. For the season, they did better than we were expected, and in particular, they performed much better in the PAC-12 and NCAA tournaments. So even though we would not say that they had an awesome season, we would say they did well enough that we are not going to rip a new coach in his first season, or the players who we are happy to have as part of the Bruin Family. The “Daddy’s Boy” and other cheap shot comments are in our opinion out of line. Some of these players are still teenagers. 18, 19. They don’t get paid to take your crap. They do it for the love of UCLA and the sport. They had opportunities to go to many different schools and they picked UCLA. That means something at Bruin Authority.

    Third, no we will not post your petition to fire a coach and get rid of a player on our site. We may be a bunch of goofy guys running this site, but even we have a heart, a conscience, and a respect for other human beings. We support UCLA, the coaches, the players, and yes, even the administration (YIKES). Get used to it.

    Have a nice day,

    The Guys at Bruin Authority