Jul 212014

Bruin Seali’i Epenesa was released today by the New England Patriots

Bruin Seali’i Epenesa was released today by the New England Patriots. Epenesa was a fine contributor to the team with 16 tackles in seven starts for the team as a senior. Undrafted, Epenesa was signed by the Patriots in June. BruinAuthority.com notes: We loved Epenesa, a true Bruin, and hope he is able to catch on somewhere. His fantastic family always had awesome tailgate parties as well. Good luck, Seali’i.

Big 12 Commissioner Slams NCAA: ‘Cheating Pays’ In College Football

In his state of the league address today, Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby says “enforcement is broken.” We are hearing Heritage Hall over at USC hit 6.0 on the Richter scale after the Trojan boosters got wind of this revelation. Anyway, nothing earth shattering here except that instead of coming from some rabid fan, it comes from a major voice in college sports.


University of Miami Mascot Walks Bride Down The Aisle

In keeping with our world wide reputation of being a bunch of ass kicking, take no prisoners Bruin neanderthals, we generally are not the sentimental type or in touch with our feminine side. However, we thought this story was kind of cool.

The bride’s father passed away shortly before her big day. In his place came the University of Miami mascot, Sebastian the Ibis (yeah, we though the same thing as you when we read that name). The mascot wore her father’s nickname on the back of his jersey. The family members are big fans of the football team.

See story and video HERE.

Fred Ulu-Perry Interview

Our friend Brett Pierce has a new site called Pac12Recruiting.com.  Today he has a nice interview with Fred Ulu-Perry (downer alert: he is still taking some official trips to other schools), and he plans to take his official UCLA visit on the weekend of the Oregon game.  That is shaping up to be a MONSTER recruiting weekend.

One new piece of trivia we learned from the story is that Fred’s Mililani High School in Hawai’i will be playing Bruin commit Josh Rosen’s St John Bosco High School this season.

 Check out Brett’s interview HERE. 

Commitment Coming?

A source of ours who is usually in the know says that a commitment is eminent. We are not talking about Rick Wade or Bryce English.

Don’t hold us to it though. These kids have a lot of people in their ears and frequently change their minds. Sometimes they commit silently as well too. This source has been rock solid for us in the past and has serious connections so we are just passing it on (he was our source when we were the FIRST to break the story that Kennedy Polamalu had been contacted by Mora for the running back coaching position). He says the coaches are telling certain recruits that positions are getting taken up fast and they need to know where each recruit stands. The implication being that UCLA can’t hold certain scholarship offers out there indefinitely. The recruits are taking notice.

  3 Responses to “ODDS AND ENDS”

  1. Not sure you’re aware, a prospect will commit next week and the recruitment about Rick Wade,it’s rumored that USC offered him because they found out he was a USC legacy and was contemplating a Bruin verbal.
    Is Sarkisian utilizing the old USC recruiting tactic, recruiting a certain prospects so their rivals won’t benefit? Learned about this tactic from a old FSW show, this reporter eluded USC’s McKay recruited a player, never played him,and allowed him to rot on the bench because he didn’t want to face against him. Also what’s your opinion on Rick Wade’s recruitment and ability?

  2. McKay was in a different era. He did stockpile good players so his rivals could not have them. Other schools did that too, but the NCAA clamped down on that, limiting scholarship numbers and forcing scholarship players to be primarily playing for the sport they were given the scholarship for. For instance, McKay would often give out track scholarships to get around the football scholarship limitations. Can’t do that anymore.

    Regarding Rick Wade, Sark has shown a pattern of waiting to see who UCLA offers and then offering themselves. We find it strange because it makes it look like they don’t know to evaluate talent. There must be at least a dozen recruits that USC offered within hours of hearing that UCLA offered.

    We have not seen Wade yet (will get out to a game or two this season), but people we know believe that he is a steal right now which is why USC offered when they thought they might lose him to UCLA.

    However, beyond his athletic talents, we think it is an example of how well UCLA is recruiting. Wade is from a Trojan family, and his father is an alum. This is exactly the type player that would have jumped at a USC offer in the past.

  3. Has the future commit happened already?

    Certain prospects are just USC leans and have no interest in UCLA, and the prospects find a way to disrespect UCLA on signing day. Wondering has USC ever coerce a prospect to slow some shade at it’s rivals?
    Recruiting the SEC prospects specifically Rashaan Evans, what do you think UCLA has learned from that disappointing finale?