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Update 4/23/2015
The Kemp police are moving forward and will file their case on Jamabo with the Kaufman County District Attorney’s office next Thursday, 5/1/2015. The charge remains “evading arrest” which is serious. It is a felony that can have a sentence of from six months to two years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

An interesting update is that the Kemp police chief promised he would release the dash-cam video of the event on Monday. Monday came and went, and the video has yet to be released to this day.

It was originally reported that Jamabo was driving a 2007 extended cab tan Ford truck traveling at a “high rate of speed” which is why the officer tried to pull him over. The actual speed he was measured at was 79 in a 70 mph zone. After police attempted to pull him over he continued to drive another three miles before stopping at the King’s Creek Golf Course.

Original story

From our sources, research, and a little speculation, this is what we believe happened Saturday night.

Saturday was Jamabo’s prom night. It is believed he was on a double date and the incident happened about one hour’s drive from the location of the prom where they were picking up one of the dates. Because of the distance and that they had not even changed for the prom yet, they were in a hurry. Too big of a hurry. He was also making some poor decisions – alcohol was later found in the car. Jamabo was spotted speeding by a Kemp, Texas police officer at 7:20 p.m. When the officer attempted to pull Jamabo over, he evidently tried to evade the officer.

We surmise that he panicked. He is a local hero and a football player with a bright future. He was speeding, he may have been intoxicated (alcohol was found in the car), and while evading the police, unknown substances were tossed out of the car. The last thing he wanted was to be stopped by a police officer at that moment. So instead of pulling over as he should have done, he panicked and continue driving. The police report states that he ran a red light and drove recklessly during the short pursuit.

So we have a case where several bad consecutive decisions were made by a high school senior who may have been associating with the wrong people.

He was charged with the felony of evading arrest and released on bail set at $7,500 at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. There was no sobriety test given to Jamabo.

Our thoughts: By all accounts, Jamabo is a model citizen, notwithstanding this incident. We could find no evidence of other arrests or any anti-social behavior whatsoever. In fact, he seems to be a very popular young man, liked by fellow students, teachers, and coaches at his high school. As a Nigerian, Jamabo became close friends with fellow Nigerian UCLA recruits, Bolu Olorunfunmi, and Josh Wariboko. It is believed by Bruin Authority that these three have the potential to begin a recruiting pipeline for players of Nigerian ancestry.

As for UCLA, we believe that if Jamabo is convicted of a felony, it is highly unlikely that he ever steps foot on the UCLA campus. However, if charges are dropped or reduced to a misdemeanor, we suspect UCLA will allow him to enroll since he has no prior history of this kind of behavior, and it happened before he was a UCLA student. Also, while it is a serious charge, it is not based on violence, which means he is not likely a threat to other students. Now, UCLA does not have to enroll him, since scholarships do require a player to remain a good citizen, and we know that UCLA hates bad publicity from events like this. The wildcard in all this, is how quickly it goes through the Texas judicial system. If this is still up in the air in August, all bets are off that he ever enrolls.

Having said all that, based on what we know today, we expect him to be on the team in the fall.


2015 Dallas Skyline High School receiver Carlos Strickland was heavily recruited by the UCLA coaching staff, as well as a player that we here at Bruin Authority really liked. Strickland was one of the top receivers int he 2015 class with numerous offers from blue blood programs like Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Texas.


UCLA was considered a favorite in the stretch before he announced. In fact, one UCLA fan site actually reported prematurely that he announced for UCLA. In the end, he committed to Cal largely based on his relationship with Cal receivers coach Pierre Ingram.

So what happened since then? Ingram was arrested recently for solicitation of a prostitute at a Motel 6 (yes, Motel 6 – maybe Cal needs to pay their assistants more), on the Embarcadero.

Ingram was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor solicitation of a lewd act. He was immediately put on administrative leave TODAY. We don’t know if Cal will release Ingram or not, but it makes it awfully hard to tell the parents of recruits that the staff will take care of their sons, and turn them into men, if they allow him to stay on staff.

So where does this place Strickland? He committed to Cal primarily because of Ingram, and UCLA was a very close second. Should Cal release Ingram, Strickland may be interested in UCLA again. And if Ingram stays, Strickland’s family may prefer he have a different coach anyway. Would Cal let him out of his LOI? They don’t have to, but it would be crazy bad publicity to force him to come to Cal and play for Ingram.

This is a story we will be following.


Sorry, no criminal activity in this story! Just great news for UCLA and a Bruin football legend.

Troy Aikman has followed up his generous donation to the renovation of the Terry Donahue Pavilion at the Rose Bowl, by donating another million to the UCLA Wasserman Football Center.

Aikman is a guy we really like. He didn’t finish his degree while an undergraduate at UCLA, but in 2009, he came back, completed his degree, and participated in graduation ceremonies. Also of note, this past November, Aikman became the ninth player in UCLA football history to have his jersey retired.

“UCLA holds a very special place in my heart,” said Aikman. “As you go through life, it is common to be defined by the company you keep. I’ve been fortunate to be associated with two outstanding institutions. In many eyes, I’ll always be a Dallas Cowboy, and I’m extremely proud of that. By making this contribution to UCLA Football, It’s clear that I am, and always will be, a UCLA Bruin as well. My time at UCLA helped mold me into the person I am today, and I want the Bruin student-athletes that come after me to have the same opportunity I had to achieve their boyhood dreams.”

This puts UCLA at $54 million in their fundraising goal of $65 million for the Wasserman Football Center.

To honor Aikman for this landmark donation, the S&C facility will be named “The Troy Aikman Strength and Conditioning Center.”

“Troy is a once in a generation type player,” said UCLA head football coach Jim Mora. “He could have pledged nothing, and we would still stand in awe of his accomplishments and continue to recognize him as one of the all-time greats. Instead, Troy not only continues to redefine what it means to be great, he continues to redefine what it means to be a Bruin.”

For those of you Aikman junkies, UCLA has come out with The Aikman Collection.

A little factoid, Troy Aikman’s Twitter account has 1.3 million followers.

  2 Responses to “ODDS AND ENDS”

  1. Recent OL committed elsewhere and some sites blame it on the Adrian Klemm’s absence, I disagree because Wattenberg is in Coach Angus (recruiting) territory and the others interest in UCLA wasn’t serious. UCLA just needs three tackle prospects and the positive about this situation it might reveal how genuine a prospect is about UCLA. The time lost is precious but time is gained if not wasted fluffing a prospect’s ego. LOI is so far gone and the OT that committed else where are overrated (tape doesn’t lie) except Wattenberg and Williams, no sour grapes just the facts. What’s your thoughts on Klemm’s absence?

  2. lbwilson – we look at it this way, Klemm may be the program’s best recruiter. When you put a guy like that on the fence for an extended period of time, it hurts. We agree with you in that we doubt we have lost anyone because of Klemm’s hiatus…yet. Although Wattenberg might have postponed his decision if he had Klemm in his ear.

    But it needs to be resolved soon. Without Klemm, there is a bigger burden on the other coaches. Even with Klemm, the coaches have a very time consuming job of recruiting. It takes a lot of time and effort (which is one of several reasons some coaches are just not good at it). So it is not just about Klemm’s recruits or O-line recruits. Being one recruiter down can have a ripple affect with other recruiting efforts.

    UCLA is fortunate that most of the other coaches are good recruiters. White has really picked up some of the work. Some of the interns/GA’s are also helping where it is legal.