Jul 162014

UPDATE 07/21/2014 – a lot of talk about the new uniforms and who UCLA should be contracting with…Nike, Adidas, Under Armour.  We decided to take a deeper look into the PAC-12 and the shoe contracts of each school.  Take a look HERE to read “UCLA and the Nike / Adidas Wars.


A few minutes ago, UCLA announced a new alternate uniform for the 2014 season called LA Steel.

As old school guys, we were not so happy to hear UCLA would be toying with alternate uniforms a few years ago. We love tradition, and especially college football tradition. The traditional blue and gold were to be left alone we thought.

However, that was then, and this is now. We have softened our stance quite a bit since then. The University is doing a good job of balancing the old with the new and not overdoing it.

Adidas still has some work to do to make us happy and we feel their marketing can be improved. But overall, we view them as going in the right direction.

And a little change is what the fans want to see from time to time, not to mention the recruits. It keeps UCLA Football current, and is great for recruiting. It also brings in new revenue to the University with increased merchandise sales. Major publicity too, CBS, ESPN, USA Today, Sporting News and everyone else is reporting it. Heck, even USC, (you know, the guys who claim they NEVER change their uniforms because of tradition) are messing with their uniforms this season – the Christmas Bulb Helmets.

Having said all that, here is the new LA Steel uniform. We have no objection to the name, and in fact kind of like it. The uniform design has a very contemporary feel to us as well.

Most importantly, we suspect the players are going to dig these new threads!

Here is what may be the most complete set of photos you will find on the Internet of these new unis.





While we like the new unis, we think the replica jerseys for sale in the student store are not particularly interesting. We’ll wait until we see them in person. Would you buy this?


From the UCLA press release:

UCLA, adidas Unveil New TECHFIT Football Alternate Uniforms

UCLA and adidas today unveiled a new TECHFIT football alternate uniform for the 2014 season.

The new “LA Steel” look marks the first grey uniform in school history. The Bruins’ jerseys and pants are rendered in rich dark onyx grey and feature ultra-light metallic embellishments that shimmer, paying tribute to the bright lights of Los Angeles. UCLA’s famous shoulder stripes complement the city skyline that appears on the sleeves of the TECHFIT compression base layer and the UCLA script mark on the pants. The uniform numbers are inspired by UCLA’s own signature stripes.

UCLA’s new alternate uniform also features TECHFIT Shockweb technology, one of the most advanced compression systems in the industry. Shockweb clings tightly to the body, making players more difficult to tackle. TECHFIT’s lightweight material allows players to perform at the highest levels by making them faster and increasing their range of motion.


  1. Don’t you guys think we should go to Nike instead of Adidas? The Bruins Nation people say that Adidas sucks and that Nike has much cooler unis.

  2. Nike does good work and they have a ton of schools they contract with. Speaking only for ourselves, we are fine with Adidas.

    First, Adidas pays UCLA a lot more than Nike would. Adidas picks a few key schools and gets them. Nike goes after everyone. So UCLA is one of a few clients for Adidas. We don’t have to compete for advertising and development like the Nike schools do.

    Second, in our opinion, all Nike schools play second fiddle to the University of Oregon. Both in perception and in resources. The University of Oregon is Nike U. We just don’t see how that relationship benefits UCLA in any way. Yeah, Nike might give us cooler shoulder stripes, but it will be AFTER the University of Oregon gets their bad ass ones first.

    And last, Adidas is willing to pay a lot more than Nike. In today’s college sports world, money is important. Even more important than shoulder stripes. And if the O’Bannon case goes through, it is possible that boatloads of money will be critical to even have a team. This is the reality of the world we live in, and unfortunately, making decisions that do not take into account the financial ramifications of those decisions is not smart.

    We are not loyal to Adidas. We would be fine if another company such as Under Armour made a play for the UCLA contract. But we ultimately take the stance of what is best for the University, not for ourselves. Right now, for better or worse, we believe it is Adidas.

  3. I guess you guys don’t do much shopping for UCLA gear. I was in a store last week and it was LOADED with usc stuff and had a small section for UCLA. If Adidas had its act together, it would be the OPPOSITE!

  4. Yeah we have seen that too. But there are a lot of reasons for that and they are not all attributable to Adidas.

    First, in southern California, USC gear does out sell UCLA gear. It just does right now. It is hard to convince a major market chain store to give significant floor space to a product that isn’t selling as well as another. Even if Adidas is willing to pay for the floor space the store may still not be receptive based on past sales.

    However, the winds are changing. We are seeing a lot more people wearing UCLA clothing these days and less USC. If UCLA has the season we all believe they will have, these stores will be pushing UCLA gear as much or more than the Trojan gear.

    If wearing UCLA apparel becomes the trend, stores will carry it and promote it, regardless of the manufacturer, Adidas or Nike.

  5. My only problem is Adidas doesn’t use OL or DL to model it just about anything looks good on a model with six pack.

    How a billion dollar business can’t seem to figure out a template incorporating stripes? Nike went even further and designed a longer stripes closer to the arm pit. I loved adidas until they went Techfit their uniform template doesn’t account for shoulder stripes and it looks so bad to me I rather they take it off because the integrity of the traditional stripes are compromised. One more rant bring back the true blue visiting uniform, UCLA is “True blue” if a ignorant viewer sees it they’ll be like “oh that reminds me of a school in LA”.
    Forgive me for ranting I’m just passionate about how UCLA disappoints in marketing it’s brand, they have the coolest colors in the PAC 12.

  6. We hear you and pretty much agree with everything you say.

    We are just not sold on Nike being the better alternative as some are. There are plenty of Nike schools where the fans are highly critical of the company. Keep high expectations, and pressure, on Adidas AND the UCLA Athletic Department to let your voice be heard.

  7. You think Adidas marketing is awesome? LOL. L.A. Steel is a “tribute to the Los Angeles Steel industry.” Adidas is so clueless they don’t even know what LA is famous for. THEY HAVE TO GO!

    Read it and weep

  8. First, we never said “Adidas marketing is awesome.” We clearly said it needs improvement but in spite of the negative aspects of Adidas, we still prefer them over Nike (which has plenty of negative baggage of its own).

    We have read quite a bit of the marketing and PR info for the new uniforms, and no where have we seen the name having anything to do with Los Angeles being a steel town, or the uniforms being a tribute to the Los Angeles steel industry.

    Everything we have read refers to the steel inspired color scheme.

    We get that some people do not like Adidas and that is okay.

    However, it is not useful, in our opinion, to fabricate the premise of the entire “L.A. Steel” design and marketing campaign. Bring some evidence, we are open minded.