Updated: 3/20/2014 12:38 p.m.

MAJOR UPDATE: Rosen commits to UCLA. Says he will not take any other visits and plans to graduate early.

Links to selected stories on the commitment:

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Bleacher Report – Josh Rosen to UCLA: Bruins Land 5-Star QB Prospect

UPDATE: Message to all the premium sites that have been claiming that Rosen is a lock to UCLA. According to THIS SITE, the gunslinger was seen on an unofficial visit to Michigan Thursday, 3/13.


On Monday, February 24, 2014 at 1:32 p.m. PST, Josh Rosen tweeted that his college decision will be announced March 20th at noon in his coaches office.

I’m officially committing to a university to play college football on March 20th at 12!! Couldn’t be more excited !!

Rosen is considered the top quarterback in the country.

Josh Rosen
St John Bosco High School
Bellflower, California
6’4 210

Junior Highlight Video From MaxPreps

The Rankings Number 1 ranked Pro Style Quarterback in the country, number 2 ranked player overall, number 1 ranked player in the state of California, 5 star. Number 2 ranked quarterback in the country, number 11 ranked player overall, 5 star. Number 1 ranked quarterback in the country, number 4 ranked player overall, 5 star. Number 1 ranked quarterback in the country, number 16 player overall, 4 star. – 6 STARS (WHOO HOO – that’s right, we have made him the ONLY six star recruit in the entire country!). However, just like the self anointed “experts” at the pay sites, we reserve the right to change his ranking if he doesn’t commit to a school we like.

Rosen is almost the consensus number one quarterback in the country for the 2015 class.

The Record

Passing Stats
2013 15 190 277 68.6 3,200 16.84 213.3 39 95 7 0 136.0


Rushing Stats
2013 15 67 416 6.21 43 8 1 0

Rosen’s Team And Leadership

St John Bosco’s 2013 team was one of the most talented in recent memory. In fact, the Los Angeles Times hailed it as the best Southland team of all time and several ranking services had it ranked from number 1 to number 3 in the country. During the course of their undefeated season, Bosco beat powers like Mater Dei, Serra, and Chaminade. They then beat the four time defending state champion Concord de La Salle, and broke their 40 game win streak in the state title game.

Now of course, Bosco was a very talented team. Never the less, they still ran the table against very good competition which we have seen time and time again, is not easy to do at the high school level, even with superior talent.

While we will not credit all the success on Rosen (future UCLA Bruin Jaleel Wadood had a little something to do with it as well!), he was the quarterback and showed tremendous leadership during the season. More importantly, Rosen is a winner. We here at BruinAuthority have always liked recruits who come from winning programs, who know how to win, and who refuse to lose.

The Recruitment

UCLA has been recruiting Rosen hard, and after 2014 quarterback Kyle Allen committed to Texas A&M, they really turned up the heat.
UCLA has long been considered a major player in his recruitment, if not the leader. He is on record as liking the UCLA staff, in particular Coach Mora, as well as the campus and playing in the Rose Bowl. The quarterback situation at UCLA will be open. In Rosen’s freshman season in 2015, Brett Hundley will already be off to the NFL, 2014 quarterback Aaron Sharp will likely be a redshirt freshman. Redshirt sophomore Asiantii Woulard will likely be Rosen’s competition. We don’t know Rosen’s thoughts on redshirting, but it is very difficult for a true freshman to come in and start immediately at a major program. What typically happens is that the starter gets hurt or goes into a slump and the true frosh is asked to step in. We expect Rosen understands this and is willing to wait for his shot, and be prepared should Woulard faulter.

However it is not a done deal. Rosen has also said he would like to look at some other schools. Two are Michigan and Texas. He also had interest at one time in USC. With the flip of 2015 QB Ricky Town from Alabama to USC, we suspect that ship has sailed. He has also expressed interest in Stanford. While Stanford is always a formidable recruiter, they just signed a top 2014 quarterback, and Stanford admissions is always a tricky situation. Often recruits don’t know until January if they have actually been accepted. Cal was also considered, but after their meltdown of a season, and having some good young quarterbacks already in the system, we don’t see them as a factor right now.

By giving himself almost a month to make a decision, we expectnull Rosen to do a little traveling and check out some other programs before March 20. If no other school stands out by then, we think UCLA is in the driver’s seat. If another school pops out, we would not be surprised to see Rosen push back his announcement schedule.

Our Thoughts

A commitment from Rosen in March is EXACTLY what the BruinAuthority Doctors have ordered.

We feel Rosen has the ability to be a pied piper for UCLA recruiting, especially if he has 10 months to do it. More importantly, USC, in spite of losing to UCLA two straight years, is still stealing Bruin thunder when it comes to recruiting. The last minute five stars that committed to USC on Signing Day, along with elite quarterback Ricky Town committing to USC at the same time, still reverberates throughout Southland recruiting circles. Make no mistake, USC rolled on a huge recruiting momentum in the last two months.

The one thing that can change that is a verbal from the top quarterback in the country. We don’t know where Rosen will end up, but we know that his commitment would be a MAJOR game changer for UCLA when it comes to the 2015 class. Rosen is key to UCLA turning the corner and dominating Southern California recruiting again.

Rosen and Upcoming Camps

March 1, 2014. Rivals/Under Armour Camp Series SoCal Camp at Fullerton College.  Rosen excelled at this camp, stood out among all quarterbacks in attendance, and took home the Camp MVP Trophy.  While Town apparently did not want to compete, several other elite 2015 quarterbacks did such as Brady White and Blake Barnett (committed to Notre Dame).

March 9, 2014. Los Angeles NFTC Nike Camp.  As with the Rivals’ Camp, Rosen again distinguised himself as the best quarterback at a quarterback loaded camp. Rosen was Quarterback MVP among a bevy of elite quarterbacks including Ricky Town.

March 15/16, 2014. Pylon Elite 7-on-7 Super Regional Tournament at All American Park in Las Vegas.  75 teams will participate in this big time tournament including Rosen’s, Town’s, and a bunch of other top quarterbacks from the west region.   Top finishing teams will qualify for the national championship in Melbourne, Florida.  Rosen has played in the past  for the Snoop Dogg All-Stars.

July 2014, Elite 11 Finals at The Opening at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon.   Student Sports will invite 162 players from across the country to this invitation only elite camp.  Rosen received one of the first invitations.

Odds And Ends

We about choked when we saw THIS POST by Trojan honk reporter Scott Wolf of the Daily News.

Not sure which barn this guy was raised in but trashing a high school kid because he “might” verbal to UCLA seems kind of out of line. This is a middle age balding guy taking shots at a 16 year old…think about it. Can you spell P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C.

We will be updating this page as we get new information so keep checking back!

  11 Responses to “JOSH ROSEN HOT BOARD”

  1. The premium sites are saying Rosen was already a guaranteed lock. He made some statement about how he would be crazy to not go to UCLA.

  2. Kauai – yes, and the premium sites guaranteed a bunch of guys in the last recruiting class too and that didn’t go so well. When they GUESS one right, they will remind you constantly. But curiously, they forget to remind you about the countless ones they missed. Frankly, we are not too impressed with their record.

    As for Rosen, yes we think he is likely a Bruin. At least based on all the reports up to today. However, he didn’t announce yet, so nothing is a lock.

    Here is a little story about a young man named Adorree’ Jackson. Jackson if you remember stated numerous times that when selecting a school he would base it primarily on the track program and which program would get him to the Olympics. Second was which football program would get him prepared for the NFL.

    So who did Jackson choose? USC, a school that has been irrelevant in track and field for decades and has no particular coaches or history to indicate they can develop him to be an Olympic long jumper in any way. USC, an average football program that just hired a coach that has a career PAC-12 season average of 5-4.

    If you take emotion out of his decision, UCLA would have been the logical choice. For track, it has a new state-of-the-art track, in a real track stadium that seats 15,000 fans. A facility that attracts some of the most elite track and field athletes and coaches to train daily at. For football, he would have been coached by guys that played and coached in the NFL and show a real upward trajectory in the program.

    And yet he made the illogical choice of USC. So we don’t put a lot of emphasis on what a recruit says they want until they actually verbalize it in public. When Rosen says “today I am committing to UCLA and can’t wait to be a Bruin” we will celebrate and start howling at the moon. Until then, we shall use this page to monitor the situation closely.

  3. Make fun of Wolf all you want but Ricky Town is the real deal. Biggins says he is far more mature than rosen. CHARACTER COUNTS!

  4. USCNeverLoses – You are so right – character does count.

    We try not to badger the kids, but since you brought it up…

    Let’s see, Town was committed to Alabama and when he switched to USC he notified Saban with an E-mail. Yes, an E-mail. Not the mature courtesy of a phone call, not the professionalism of telling them in person. Alabama spent a year recruiting and establishing a relationship with Town, offering a full ride to him, committed to him as their lone quarterback for 2015, and when he dumps them, he does it by E-mail. Heck, even a Hallmark breakup E-card would have shown more maturity and character. At least it would have been creative.

    But you are right, CHARACTER COUNTS!

  5. So what is your gut feeling? Is Rosen definitely coming?

  6. HowdyRowdy – If we had a gun to our head and had to call it right now, we would say yes, Rosen is joining the Bruin Family.

    However, as everyone should know by now, recruits can change their minds like socks. Between now and his anticipated announcement date, other schools will still be recruiting him (and negatively recruiting him about UCLA), people with agendas will be in his ear, he will have more time to think about his decision (or change his mind).

    Ultimately, we would not be surprised at all if he ends up postponing his decision. In our opinion, if it was a done deal as the pay sites are implying, it would make more sense for him to commit now, so both he and the coaching staff can use that commitment as leverage in recruiting other 2015 players. Believe us when we tell you that the Trojan coaches make a point of mentioning Ricky Town on every recruiting call. Every one. It is huge in creating the perception of a winning, attractive program because most good players want to play on a team with other good players. It creates a buzz. USC has that right now, UCLA does not.

    Rosen can change that.

  7. Really like what you guys are doing with this site and REALLY appreciate it that you have kept it free. Good information without the nastiness of some of the other sites. Thanks!

  8. Thanks UCLA1995! – we work hard so we are glad you get what we are about.

  9. If character counts, why did Ricky commit to a guy who so readily wanted to employ a shady recruiter in Tosh Lupui? Oh, that’s right, par for the course for usc.

  10. I for one am excited just thinking of the prospect of him committing to UCLA. Not only is he one of the best QB’s in the country (I think he is the best) but I agree with you and believe that his presence will help entice other top recruits. I also agree with you and was hoping he would do it a while ago so that it might attract other recruits that much earlier. Still, March 20th is a long way off from signing day and will give UCLA as well as Rosen plenty of time to recruit. Plus, I believe that from the timing of it he will be making the announcement live on ESPN Recruiting Nation. I don’t know this for a fact but that is a Thursday and that is the day when recruiting nation typically runs.

  11. Pretty much agree with everything you said HundleyNutCherrios. We saw Rosen throw and frankly think he is the real deal as well as a game changer in how other recruits will perceive uCLA in the future.

    If we want to be a national power, we have to bring in these types of recruits.