Jun 272014

At USC, You Get An Expensive Private School Education For Free – Look How Much We Charge!

Well, yes, USC is a private school and it is expensive. However, that in itself does not make USC a better institution or provide a better education than a major public university like UCLA. A better gauge of the value of the school is not the cost of attending but the tangible and intangible benefits of attending a particular school.

We actually think it is good for UCLA if the USC coaches use this tactic. It only reinforces the public perception of USC being a bastion of white, privileged, spoiled kids. It perpetuates the frat-boy, party school reputation that USC has been trying to rid itself of for decades.

The interesting thing is that the Trojan recruiters may have it right. In the recent February, 2014, student body elections, winners were overwhelmingly white, male, fraternity members. The African-American candidate for student body president took a distant third, in spite of adding a white running mate to his ticket. Notably, a female has not even run for USC student body president in the last eight years (UCLA has had six female student body presidents in that time). We suspect that most families of recruits never hear this side of USC from the Trojan recruiters. USC is what it is and in this case the perception is the reality.

The Trojan Family Will Take Care Of You For Life!

We always get a chuckle when we hear this. USC has a number of notable examples of NOT taking care of their family members.

Remember John Robinson? He was the ultimate Trojan and was shamefully run out of town on a rail when USC felt he was no longer needed. USC fired him with a message left on an answering machine. Not to mention the glaring non-invitation Robinson got for the Trojan national championship celebration of HIS team.

How about when USC pushed out members of the Trojan family that had been football season ticket holders for 40 years or more?

What about TravelerGate? After 42 years of taking care of Traveler (the Trojan mascot horse) and riding the horse at Trojan games, USC unceremoniously fired the Saukko family and Traveler’s rider.

We have seen a number of articles in recent years that claim that the income levels of USC and UCLA graduates are roughly equal. So much for the myth that Trojan alums are giving great jobs to members of their alumni network and no one else does. The fact is that the UCLA alumni network is very powerful, especially if you want to work outside Los Angeles.

Not only that, but UCLA has possibly the most recognized university brand in the world. You want a job in Bangkok? They know UCLA. Shanghai? They know UCLA. Berlin? They know UCLA. Outside of southern California, it is not the same for USC. Trust us, when you apply for that dream job in Paris, you want the person interviewing you to say “UCLA? I’ve heard of that university.” You don’t want them to say “USC? Hmmm, where is that?”

These are just some of the reasons that UCLA is the most applied to school in the world.

So that about wraps it up. There are numerous other topics we considered adding such as addressing academics (we are hearing more and more recruits say “the Trojan coaches told me what a GREAT school USC is academically.” Or USC is really “NFL U.” These would have been easily defrocked too, but we think our point has been made.

UCLA has taken the next step in building a major football program, and now it is time to take back southern California in recruiting as well. In this series, we have debunked many of the myths about USC that are being tossed around on the recruiting trail, and in the past they worked. However, recruits and their families are getting smarter and asking questions. When they do their research on sites like this, they will have a better understanding of both programs.


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