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The UCLA Athletic Department is taking the gloves off and putting on the brass knuckles. This will be a state of the art football training facility and we at are excited to support the program, the project, and the UCLA employees helping to make this happen.

How To Help

UCLA is a special place for student-athletes to compete and pursue their dreams. To be able to add a football facility that will help us with player development and growth is simply fantastic. There is so much history here and so many incredible players and moments to celebrate. I love the challenge to get after this, and I know our donors will step up. Chancellor Block and Dan Guerrero have shown tremendous support for this athletic program and for our football team. We talk a lot about family within our program, and now, we need the entire UCLA family to join us on this endeavor. I can’t wait to get this effort underway.” – UCLA Head Football Coach Jim Mora

Donate to the $50 million dollar Football Training Athletic Facility. Articles on the Facility

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Other Ways You Can Be Supportive:

Donate to the Wooden Athletic Fund.

Contact the UCLA Athletics Development office at (310) 206-3302 or email at for other ways to help.

Make a deposit on 2014 season tickets.  We are going to be good, and the best seats are going to dry up fast. It helps the program to sell the seats, it helps the team to have a full house, and it will help you to be part of something great.

Support the Jim Mora Count on Me Family Foundation. This is Jim and Shannon Mora’s way to make the world a better place and donating to it is well worth while.  Since its inception, the Foundation has donated more than 1.8 million to children-in-need organizations such as the Special Olympics and the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. The 2014 Jim Mora Celebrity Golf Classic will take place at Riviera Country Club on May 19.

Email a coach, an administrator, anyone at UCLA, and let them know you are proud to be part of the Bruin Family today.  If you bought season tickets or have donated, let them know that as well.  We encourage you to do this because it only takes a minute, is free to do, and will make a big difference to these hard workers dedicated to UCLA. – Athletic Director Dan Guerrero.  This man gets a lot of flak from other Bruin fan sites but he has achieved a lot in his tenure such as the new $11 million Spieker Aquatics Center used by our aquatics teams, the 2008 renovation of Jackie Robinson Stadium, the $180 million remodel of Pauley Pavilion, and the current renovation of Drake Stadium.   All of these required an amazing amount of fund raising AND dedication.  They don’t just happen by themselves.  Give the man credit when it is due. – Chancellor Gene Block. If you like what is going on at UCLA, let the head man know. He has the final say on most of the improvements going on around campus. – Coach Mora. This email actually goes to his executive assistant Jolie Oliver (who we think practically runs the entire football program – trust us, she is indispensable).

Other emails – if you want to let the assistants know you appreciate them (we highly recommend it – they will often reply too !) or want to contact some other administrators, here you go.

News And Updates

The Los Angeles Times reported March 4th, that fund raising has eclipsed $30 million so far with $20 million to go.

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  2. To Mr. Anonymous,

    1) Sorry, we don’t read BRO or Bruins Nation so we can’t comment on what they think of us. Not sure we even care to be honest.

    2) We changed your comment “description” of Dan Guerrero. We have only met the man once and don’t have a dog in the fight, but Guerrero is part of the Bruin Family and will be treated with respect here. And we will go on record as supporting the entire athletic department (yes we know this will get us thrown out of the “real UCLA fan” club). Most fan sites are clueless about what these people do. Their jobs are a lot harder than most think and if you know you can do better, you are welcome to apply for a job there.

    3) The 80 yard practice facility was built long before Guerrero came on board. Don’t know how you can put that on him.

    4) You and the rest of the Bruin Family have a right to your opinions and they are respected here. Ultimately, we all want the same thing which is a powerful, strong UCLA athletics program.

    5) And finally, the athletic department has been VERY productive the past few years in both hiring top coaches across the board, raising money, and renovating facilities such as the $11 million Spieker Aquatics Center, constant upgrades to Jackie Robinson Stadium, the $180 million remodel of Pauley Pavilion, and the current renovation of Drake Stadium. This is an exciting time for UCLA athletics.

    The guys at

  3. Thanks for putting this page together. It is really helpful for those of us who want to support the program but don’t know how (or don’t want to be badgered by a bunch of administrators trying to up-sell us on a donation, yes I had a bad experience). You may want to add something about how to support specific athletic scholarships too. I think at usc, you can actually donate to a specific position’s scholarship, like quarterback or tight end etc. Seems like a good idea.

  4. BruinDoc – you are welcome. Great ideas, when you donate, you should pass your ideas onto them.

  5. Well I have passed on my ideas but I don’t think they were too interested. Probably thought they were the experts and I was a dummy trying to tell them how to do their jobs. So I don’t anymore. However I still donate A LOT.

  6. BruinDoc – that is too bad. People like you have ideas because you care. The program needs as many people as possible to be involved and who want to help. The important thing about fundraising in higher education is that you need to make the donors feel important because of who they are and not just because of their pocketbook. Not every institution gets that.

    We hope you will give UCLA another chance with your ideas.

  7. I didn’t realize about all these things. Thanks. I bookmarked your giving links and donated to Mora’s charity. After taxes I am going to look at giving to UCLA again.

    And don’t let the BRO fans who are commenting here get you down. That is a tough crowd!

  8. Thanks JamesA!