Nov 122013

Digger Phelps To Be Inducted Into Notre Dame Basketball Ring Of Honor.

“Forty years to the day that one of the greatest moments in Notre Dame’s illustrious athletics history occurred, the man who engineered the Fighting Irish’s stunning 71-70 victory over top-ranked UCLA on Jan. 19, 1974 that ended the Bruins 88-game win streak will be inducted into the Notre Dame Basketball Ring of Honor. Richard “Digger” Phelps, whose coaching career at Notre Dame spanned two decades, will become the sixth inductee into the Ring of Honor…”

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  One Response to “The Guy We All Loved To Hate Back In The Day – Digger Phelps”

  1. Man, I was happy to hear you would be going. I was genuinely happy toleanr that you were going to hang out with the rest of the cast despite being cut. I was happy to learn that Rick said you would be going to the event. I was excited for you. I checked your site today to hoping to hear more good news, especially after reading about the Polar Express audition earlier today. What a shock it was to learn that you got snubbed again. I was really hoping to hear all about your experiences with the premiere. I’m very sorry. I could say it doesn’t matter, but I know it mattered to you. All I can say is it’s beyond your control, and you have a ton of fans, loving family, and friends. The experience just makes you a wiser man.