Nov 242013

Congratulations to Stan and his girl Chelcey. Stan recently proposed to her on the field, in front of the team, right after the Washington victory.  And she said YES! Unfortunately, we are also hearing that some disturbing racist remarks have been made to them via social media…they are an inter-racial couple. Hopefully it was not […]

Nov 192013

D-III school Grinnell College junior Jack Taylor is averaging 90 points per game so far this season. He also broke the NCAA record by scoring 138 points in a game last season. This cat is so crazy that this past Sunday he scored 109 against Crossroads College while only playing 29 minutes!!!! As usual, you […]

Nov 142013

If you never had the pleasure of meeting Coach Mora’s wife, Shannon, this is a great interview. They both make great representatives of the University. Recommend this to everyone (even your friends on Facebook you’re not really friends with). The UCLA “fanbase is incredible!” As usual, you are welcome to share information you found here. […]

Nov 102013

Their explosive. Their unbelievable. Their scandalous.  They are the L.A. Midnight Techfit uniform the team will be wearing this week against Washington.  We pity those poor fools on the Huskies team… As usual, you are welcome to share information and stories you found here.  We just ask that you give credit if you saw it […]

Nov 092013

Alabama recently upgraded its football facilities this year.  While it doesn’t have the “grandeur” of Oregon’s, it has a very special feel.  Large wall murals everywhere, carpeting with a large signature “A” and other features make everything about this building feel “big time.”   They prominently put on display their national championships, heritage, and traditions […]