Jun 092014

In the news lately, there has been talk about USC and Alabama scheduling a football game together in 2016. With that, the myth machine is again out in full force trumpeting the Trojans revolutionary role in breaking down the racial barrier in college football. As the story goes, a segregated University of Alabama team under […]

Jan 062014
John Plattenburg's Decommitment And The Mysterious Polynesian Connection

No, not the French Connection, not the Drug Cartel Connection, not even the cool connections we have at BruinAuthority.com.  No, we are talking about the mysterious and top secretive Polynesian connection. John Plattenburg Jr., a rising cornerback from Texas committed to UCLA November 19, and yesterday announced he was de-committing so he could commit to […]

Jan 012014
Steve Alford vs "Dunk City Enfield": The Matchup

Steve Alford and Andy Enfield were hired two days apart last April at UCLA and USC respectfully. And all was blissful in the world of Los Angeles college basketball. Then it all stopped.  On 10/15/2013,  “Dunk City Enfield” launched the first shot by telling his players in front of media, “If you want to play slow, […]

Dec 022013

“Reading this page every day is like hitting three gold bars at a Las Vegas slot machine” – Bruin Authority Guys Today: Thoughts on Broussard, UCLA basketball alum, and tasars. Updated: 12/2/2013 3:57 pm Brossard Fired – Our Thoughts UCLA running back coach Steve Broussard has been fired but the reasons are different than what […]

Nov 242013

Congratulations to Stan and his girl Chelcey. Stan recently proposed to her on the field, in front of the team, right after the Washington victory.  And she said YES! Unfortunately, we are also hearing that some disturbing racist remarks have been made to them via social media…they are an inter-racial couple. Hopefully it was not […]