Nov 112013

Update On Ed’s Lawsuit Against the NCAA. From the story: “A federal judge on Friday partially granted class action status in a lawsuit concerning the use of college athletes’ names and likenesses.” To read the full article from USA Today, click here. As usual, you are welcome to share information and stories you found here. […]

Nov 092013

Alabama recently upgraded its football facilities this year.  While it doesn’t have the “grandeur” of Oregon’s, it has a very special feel.  Large wall murals everywhere, carpeting with a large signature “A” and other features make everything about this building feel “big time.”   They prominently put on display their national championships, heritage, and traditions […]

Nov 082013

The University of Oregon Football Performance Center is the Taj Mahal of big time college football facilities. With the deep pockets of Nike founder Phil Knight, Oregon spent well over the $68 million originally budgeted (probably twice what UCLA will spend), and produced a facility designed to recruit like no other. The 145,000 square foot […]

Oct 162013
Ole Miss Coed Destroys 166 Years of University Marketing in One Video

When Texas A&M went down to Ole Miss this season, the A&M fan site interviewed some Ole Miss coeds before the game. They found a particularly inebriated Ole Miss student who had a few choice things to say about the Ole Miss gameday experience. By Jordan Burchette, RYOT News Last weekend, Texas A&M traveled to […]