Feb 022014


Over this past weekend, BruinAuthority.com received well over 1,100 unique visitors and over 3,500 total.  Every week we have more than the prior week.

Yeah, we know we are not supposed to give that kind of information away because other sites (you know who you are) will try to use it to take us down.  BUT WE DON’T CARE.  Our new motto is “be fearless” which we are finding is really easy to do when you don’t have a clue what you are doing!

Anyway we want to thank everyone who has been spreading the word about the site. We do it for the love of UCLA and don’t make a dime on it. Speaking of losing our shirts on this site, the only income generated is from the few ads we have. Hope no one minds and maybe you’ll see something you like. We want to keep it up and free, and the only way to do that is if you keep spreading the word!



  1. Really like the site and hope you continue. Maybe you can generate a little revenue by taking ads for businesses that are trying to reach Bruin fans?

  2. Thanks for the suggestion Tony! Right now we only have these “display” ads on the site and we make a few cents (literally only a few cents) when one is clicked. It helps a little.

    We may look into accepting advertising. We like the idea of helping to promote Bruin businesses.

    For those that don’t understand the difference, the ads you currently see are placed there by Google. You see them on most sites and the way the site operator makes money is if a visitor clicks on one of the ads one time. We have no control over what ads pop up.

    Tony is talking about Bruin businesses paying us a little for a spot on the site advertising their business to Bruin fans. Like say a restaurant in Westwood or Pasadena for example.

    We also make a little if you use our Amazon link to purchase ANYTHING from Amazon. They pay us 4 cents for every dollar you spend. Yeah it is not much but it helps. Appreciate it if you bookmark our link and use it if you ever need to purchase anything from Amazon. Our link has some great deals too.


  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that the “Bruin Gifts and Gear” link to the right was an Amazon click-through link; I use those things all the time to support podcasts and the like! May I suggest that having an actual Amazon click-through banner somewhere on your homepage could generate a few more ducets for your site (for visitors who are buying sundries not directly related to their Bruin fanaticism and lifestyle)?

    Great work guys, keep it up and I wish you the best!

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Randor! That’s a great idea. We’ll experiment with it!