May 202014

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– Bruin Authority Guys

Updated: 5/20/2014 2:20 p.m.
– Hilarious Brett Hundley Video – “Campus Enforcer”
– UCLA Football Has Second Highest APR Ranking, Only Behind Stanford. Guess Where USC is.
– Some Recruiting Notes
– Thoughts on UCLA and USC Football Schedules
– Some Post NFL Draft Notes

Hilarious Brett Hundley Video – “Campus Enforcer”

Check out this video from the Spring Sing gang. Having a little fun and a cameo by Coach Mora as well. Watch for the Trojan/Bear scene.

UCLA Football Has Second Highest APR Ranking, Only Behind Stanford. Guess Where USC is.

APR stands for Academic Progress Rate, which is measured over four years. For any team to compete int eh NCAA post season, it must have a score of 900 over four years or 930 over two years.

The football team score of 979 was a nationally recognized achievement, and earned Coach Mora a $50,000 bonus.

Oh and USC? Finished second to last in the PAC-12. Ugh, ph_hirethe predictable brain surgeons are living up to their reputation again. And to think that Pat Haden is the highest paid athletic director in the country.

Here is the breakdown:

Stanford 984
UCLA 979
Utah 970
Washington 967
Arizona 960
Oregon 958
Colorado 955
Oregon State 950
Washington State 944
Arizona State 941
USC 941
Cal 938

Some Recruiting News

Ricky Town, USC’s QB recruit for 2014 DROPPED a star (down to 4) on Meanwhile, UCLA’s QB recruit, Josh Rosen is now the second ranked player in the entire county, regardless of position.

Thoughts on UCLA and USC Football Schedules

Mora has said that he wants to play the best and have a tough schedule for both the team and for the fans. UCLA seems to be moving in that direction by scheduling upcoming games against teams like Texas, Michigan, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Rutgers. Clearly UCLA fears no team.

Contrast that with what is happening across town. Alabama has been begging USC to play them in the 2016 season opener on a NEUTRAL field. USC has had nothing but excuses in an attempt to not play that game. Possibly, many inside the USC athletic department do not believe the USC team has the character and motivation to win that game. It may be easier to just not play than to explain the drubbing. The once proud Trojan football program is now a mere laughing stock. There is tremendous pressure inside USC circles to schedule the game in order to stop the media from continuing the humiliation. It will be interesting to see if Sarkisian caves in and plays a real team like Alabama.

Mora would have jumped on scheduling a game with Alabama. Heck, he may be calling Alabama right since USC is so lukewarm. Think about it, if you were a recruit, who would you want to play for, a fearless leader like Coach Mora who has confidence in his players, or a guy like Sark (Mr. 5-4) who may be dodging competition because he doesn’t believe in his players?

Some Post NFL Draft Notes

If we hear another Trojan recruit tell the media they like USC “cuz they always win and all their players get drafted into the NFL” we are going to have to throw down on someone. Literally. While we are hearing this much less than in prior years, there are still a few recruits repeating what the out-of-touch old folks, still living in the past, are telling them. Times have changed and the last time USC had a dominant team, the 2015 recruits were 11 years old. In fact, they were 14 the last time USC managed a dubious win over UCLA. Basically UCLA is today’s football version of Jay-Z and USC is Vanilla Ice, with a touch of Milli Vanilli.

This is a new day and a new era for both these teams. UCLA is treading up and USC is treading down as witnessed by the 35-14 Trojan humiliation at home.

And as for the draft picks, you can judge for yourself if USC gets all their players into the NFL:

USC draft picks:
2013 – 4
2014 – 3 (no/none/zero/nada first round picks)

UCLA draft picks:
2013 – 4
2014 – 5 (including Anthony Barr in the first round with the overall 9th pick, and Sua-Filo who missed the first round by only one pick!)

  4 Responses to “ALMOST DAILY COMBUSTIBLE DOSE 5/20/2014 EDITI”

  1. Recruiting question. Of uncommited recruits for 2015, which recruit would you want the most and why?

  2. Iman Marshal, without a doubt.

    Iman is a nationally recognized defensive player from a huge recruiting pipeline school.

    More importantly, Iman is a southern California player who is considered by just about everyone to be a serious USC lean. Perhaps even a lock.

    Getting a commitment from Iman would send a message to all current and future recruits that UCLA is now THE school they should be considering. It would be HUGE in changing perceptions and speed up UCLA’s slow climb over USC in recruiting.

    Other names to consider:

    2) Rasheen Green – for similar reasons as Iman.

    3) Cordell Broadus – do not downplay the attention Cordell will bring to UCLA. When his father Snoop was hanging with USC, it was in the media constantly. Having Sean Combs and Snoop’s sons on the team would give UCLA the ultimate cool factor for recruiting and media attention. UCLA could never buy the media coverage this would bring. Also, Broadus is a well liked player who has the ability to be a recruiting pied piper for UCLA.

    4) Keisean Lucier-South – We don’t look at Keisean the same as the others we mentioned. Keisean is a recruit who has often been mentioned as a lean to UCLA. He is a top player and the Bruin coaches need to show they can continue to close on a nationally ranked UCLA lean. Getting him continues building the reputation that UCLA has gained in recruiting circles. On the other hand, losing him, especially to USC, can set that reputation back significantly.

  3. LOLOLOL. You would rather have Marshall instead of your committed QB Rosen? LOLOLOL.

    Anyway you are stupid to predict that Marshall will be a bRuin. There is about a 5% chance but you all know better right? LOLOLOL

  4. Dear Mr. TrojanLegion,

    Reading comprehension is not one of your stronger subjects.

    First, the question was about UNCOMMITTED recruits so Rosen was not part of the question or the answer.

    Second, it was not a prediction. We were answering a question about who we wanted not who we thought were coming.

    Since the Trojan fan base seems to be particularly sensitive to what we have to say about Iman Marshall, we’ll call it right now, Iman Marshall to UCLA. That should get a few Trojans lighting their hair on fire, maybe cause a riot at Heritage Hall, and Sark may even get so mad he’ll fire a couple assistants! Heck, freaking out Trojans is so much fun, we’ll call Rasheen Green to UCLA too!