Mar 122014

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Updated: 3/12/2014 3:20 p.m.
-Kyle Anderson does NOT get PAC-12 Player of the Year
-UCLA Senior Associate Athletic Director Mark Harlan leaving UCLA
-UCLA breaks records in new graduate school rankings
-Interview with Cassius Marsh

Kyle Anderson Does NOT Get PAC-12 Player of the Year

In what feels like a perplexing decision, Nick Johnson of Arizona beat out Kyle Anderson for conference Player of the Year.  While we think Johnson is a very good player on a very good team, it is hard to imagine Anderson not getting it.  Consider how the two fared according to official PAC-12 site stats and you be the judge:

Anderson 14.9 PPG, 13th in PAC-12
Johnson 16.1 PPG, 8th in PAC-12

Anderson 8.7 RPG, 4th in PAC-12 and 2nd in defensive rebounds
Johnson not in top 20 listed on official PAC-12 site

Anderson .487 FGP, 15th in PAC-12
Johnson not in top 15 listed on official PAC-12 site

Anderson 6.63 APG 1st in PAC-12
Johnson 2.77 APG, 14th in PAC-12

Anderson 1.73 SPG, 4th in PAC-12
Johnson 1.16 SPG, 14th in PAC-12

Anderson 2.07 ATR, 5th in PAC-12
Johnson not in top 13 listed on official PAC-12 site

Anderson 33.17 MPG, 10th in PAC-12
Johnson not in top 10 listed on official PAC-12 site

Of the 13 individual categories the PAC-12 feels are important enough to list on the conference site, Anderson made 8 of them. Johnson made 4. In head-to-head, Anderson beat Johnson in all categories except scoring where Anderson was a mere 1.2 PPG behind Johnson. Of course, stats do not always tell the whole story, but these numbers show quite a difference between the two players.

So who would we choose, a 6’9″ match-up nightmare who can play point guard while leading the league in assists on the 11th highest scoring team in the country, or a 6’3″ guy who is pretty good on defense and is surrounded by some of the best talent in the league?

Something tells us that if you polled the PAC-12 coaches and the question was “who would you pick first to build a team around, Anderson or Johnson?” it is hard to imagine many going with the latter.

 UCLA senior associate athletic director Mark Harlan will be named USF’s new athletic director this week, according to multiple reports

We consider this a blow to the athletic department.  Harlan is considered a rising star in college athletic fundraising circles and directed the last two years of the $132 million Pauley Pavilion renovation project.  He was also one of the main point guys for the new football training facility as well as instrumental in the new donor fundraising records made by UCLA recently.  Administrators like Harlan are often the unsung and forgotten heroes in the background of the athletic department.  While anonymous to the fans, they are the engine that often determines a program’s success.    While we are sad to lose him, USF is getting a good one.  Congratulations Mark.

Story HERE.

U.S. News and World Report’s Review of Graduate Schools is Out

And once again UCLA hits it out of the park.  We can’t go into all the new rankings but here are a few:

  • Psychology (ranked second in the county)
  • Math (7)
  • History (9)
  • Sociology (9)
  • UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture (4 among fine arts programs)

Story HERE.

NFL Draft: Q&A with UCLA Defensive End Cassius Marsh

mora_1Interview with Cassius Marsh on his thoughts about the draft, UCLA and other things.

From the story:

Q. If the Packers do draft you, what kind of player and teammate would they be getting? In your opinion, what is an underrated part of your game that people should know about?

CM: I think people don’t know just how much I love and care for my teammates. I will compete every day and challenge the men around me to do the same.

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