About Us


Powerful National Media Guy:   Who are you?

Bruin Authority Guys:   We are just a few guys, probably like you (unless your a gal 🙂 ). Hardcore Bruin fans who have followed the Bruins for DECADES, want to have a little fun (usually at a Trojan’s expense) and provide info that is not usually found on the other sites.

Powerful National Media Guy:   Why BruinAuthority guys did you start this site?

Bruin Authority Guys:   Well we actually started this site back in 2007 but it takes time, a little money, and a lot of dedication to make it work. It didn’t work and died a slow death. With new enthusiasm we are giving it another go.

Powerful National Media Guy:   Any plans to add a forum like all the other sites?

Bruin Authority Guys:   As you point out, all the other big sites already have forums.  We want to provide something a little different.  On the other hand, we do have enough visitors to make it worthwhile and if our visitors have an interest in it, we might change our mind (you know, never say never).  Our site visitor numbers are increasing every day and have been literally doubling every month so who knows.

Powerful National Media Guy:  With a name like Bruin Authority, you guys must be the “REAL DEAL” as in real authorities on everything UCLA. Right?

Bruin Authority Guys:  Well we do have some authoritative connections in high level administrative positions and in recruiting circles, and in some cases, we would bet they are better than anyone the pay sites have. Having said that, we do not pretend that we are the only guys who “really” know what is going on. You will never read a line here that says “we know some really important top secret cataclysmic level stuff that would make your puny head explode, but we can’t tell you.” If we know it, you will hear it.

We generally believe that all the Bruin fan sites have their own reasons for existing and even for the pay sites there is nothing wrong with them trying to make money (heck we recently started allowing a few ads here too). We are just trying to bring something a little different to the table.  Cool?

Powerful National Media Guy:  We have been hearing that you have been having problems with Trojans regarding this site.

Bruin Authority Guys:   Yeah, guess some people just don’t have a sense of humor.  They can dish it out but can’t take it.  This site is parody, satire, and subjective opinions which are fortunately all protected by the first amendment.  There is no intent to inflict emotional distress on any individual and no harm is intended. So Trojan brain surgeons, save your threats of lawsuits for another site.

Powerful National Media Guy:  Thank you. Before we finish I have a personal question – how do I get a job like yours?

Bruin Authority Guys:  Easy – join the Bruin Family. Doesn’t matter if you are an alum, a fan, or just happened to steal a stuffed toy bear out of your grandma’s attic when you were a kid. The sun always shines on you when you love the Bruins.

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