Feb 152014

A few updates on UCLA, not completely related to sports.

As we wrote about HERE, Drake Stadium is getting a new facelift. Check this photo out of the new state of the art track!

UCLA still stands for “Under Construction Like Always”

If you have been on campus lately you will notice a ton of new construction projects.  If you haven’t, you may be impressed.

First, a lot of this work is designed to create a proper entry and gateway into UCLA from Westwood Blvd.  Starting with the removal of Parking Lot 6 (between Pauley Pavilion and Ackerman Union).  In it’s place will be the new 152 million dollar Luskin Conference and Guest Center.

This is a big project and is scheduled for completion in 2016.  The Center will be a seven story structure with 25,000 square feet of meeting space and 250 guest rooms.  Unfortunately, to stay there, you must have business with the University.  The school wanted it open to the public but lost that battle to the hotel lobbyists and the politicians in their back pocket.  We have stayed on other campuses at their on campus “hotels” and it can be an amazing experience.  Wouldn’t be be awesome to attend a night game and be able to saunter back to your hotel room ON CAMPUS a few feet away?  SPORTS RELATED: We tried to get verification if recruits will be staying here for their official visits, but it doesn’t look like that as been decided yet.

UCLA Ranks First Among California Schools In Peace Corps Volunteers and 6th Nationally

“UCLA produced more Peace Corps volunteers in 2013 than any other college or university in California….Since the Peace Corps was founded in 1961, 1,910 Bruin alumni have traveled abroad to serve as volunteers, making UCLA seventh among the all-time highest volunteer-producing schools.”

To read more, click HERE.

Lab School Receives 6.5 Million Dollar Gift

Back in the day when we attended UCLA, this was called the University Elementary School. We are glad to see it is still alive and well.

“…has announced a major gift of $6.5 million from an anonymous donor to UCLA Lab School. A laboratory demonstration school located on the UCLA campus, UCLA Lab School serves as a site where innovative elementary education methods are developed, tested, and shared broadly. This generous gift will launch the new UCLA Lab School Campus Enhancement Campaign and serve as the lead gift in a drive to fund upgrades and improvements to existing UCLA Lab School facilities, as well as the building of a new music and art space for the school.”

To read more about the donation and the Lab School, click HERE.

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  1. Thanks for providing some non-sports news on campus. I know we are all here for athletics but I found some of this information really interesting, especially the new track at Drake.