RECRUITING BOARDS LAST UPDATED: 2/04/2015 5:36 p.m. – Lot’s of tidbits today!


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We had to break down the recruiting boards since there has been so much news in the last two weeks. So here you go…






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  1. Thank you for taking the time to express your thoughts and information on UCLA recruiting. I’m not sure if you’re familiar about UCLA recruiting in SEC country figuratively speaking. From your perspective, what did UCLA learned about recruiting against the SEC programs, the Rashaan Evan for example?

    Been a fan since 1995 (5th grade), so I noticed the infancy of the recruiting sites and coaching eras: Toledo,Dorrell. Neuheisel, and now Mora. I think Mora has UCLA at a different level a competitive level.I’m just grateful no matter the rank they get prospects that will be assets more sooner than later.

  2. Hi lbwilson,

    Thanks for your comments and we appreciate your visiting the site.

    As for lessons learned from recruiting SEC area guys like Evans, we think the coaches have basically doubled-down and are recruiting the area harder this recruiting class. Yes, those guys can be hard to get, and we remember the guys who got away last year like Dupree, Evans, and others. But you know what, we had the same disappointments in our own backyard with Jackson, Smith and others. Sometimes kids from anywhere in the country just want to get away, and the UCLA coaches know that “Tinseltown” can be very appealing to kids from small towns. Remember the recruitment of Asiantii Woulard? We got on him really late and got an official visit. On that visit he gets to go bowling with Puff Daddy, and some other hip hop artists. We were following his tweets on that visit. Not only was he enthralled with Hollywood, but all hos friends and family back home were tweeting to him to not come back home – they wanted him to stay in Hollywood and start a new fantastic life.

    Point is, our coaches are going after everyone, particularly kids in SEC country. They (and we) believe they can get their share if they can get visits.

  3. Great info BA! Very encouraging list of recruits and possible percentages of landing them. Keep up the good work and I will give you guus a shot out on Bruin Gold. 4s Up!

  4. Thanks Eddie! Really glad you like it. We love it when we get links back from BruinGold and BruinZone. Both great sites!

  5. Hey guys, congrats for the great job!

    Let me ask you something.. what about Marvel Tell? He once was considered a huge recruit and maybe a UCLA lean, but I heard nothing about him on the last months.


  6. Hey BrazilBruin!

    Yeah, Marvel Tell is a guy UCLA was all over last spring and summer. But as the fall season progressed UCLA slowly started backing away.

    We can think of several recruits similar to this, such as Cordell Broadus. Guys that had offers, didn’t commit when UCLA really wanted them, and started fading on the UCLA recruiting board as circumstances changed. The old “snooze and lose” cliche.

    The UCLA coaches have a recruiting board, and the recruits rise and fall on it for a lot of reasons: senior players have breakout seasons and move ahead of guys who already have offers, academic snags, players who looked great as juniors but didn’t show improvement as seniors, and then there are the intangibles like the recruit’s family, personality, and whether or not they are considered good citizens.

    We don’t know specifically why the UCLA coaches cooled on Tell but we just look at it as part of the ebb and flow of recruiting. They are in on some pretty good/elite players at his position so we suspect that has a lot to do with it. They probably gave him a chance to commit at one time, he didn’t, and they moved on to others that they liked as much or more.

    While everyone talks about college recruiters needing to make good decisions and “not blowing” the recruitment of a player, there are a lot of recruits who mess up their own recruitment by giving false signals to the coaches, not being able to make decisions, going public about conversations with coaches, letting meddling family members turn off coaches and more. Generally when this stuff happens, neither the coaches or the recruits will tell anyone what really happened.

  7. What happened with Keifer Longson? He just committed to BYU but bro had said he was practically a lock to UCLA?

  8. Hi Lance – we didn’t follow Longson’s recruitment much for two reasons:

    First, he has always said he would be going on an LDS mission. His recruitment will be wide open again in two years so what does it matter who he likes today?

    Second, Guess we just never thought he was as valuable a recruit to UCLA as others. Nor did we ever think UCLA was in the lead like others. As for BRO, we don’t subscribe so we have no idea or opinion of their stance on Longson.

  9. Thanks for all the updates but I find it difficult to know when you update and end up having to skim each recruit. By any chance can you put a date some place for last update for each recruit?

  10. I don’t see the 1/16 updates.

  11. Carlos Strickland visited this weekend and yall dont even have him on your board

  12. We have had Strickland on the visit date board for quite a while. We were one of the first to report it, if not the very first.

  13. Thanks Eastern Warrior. We have been trying to figure out a better way of reporting it. Sometimes we get a lot of info at the same time.

  14. Great updates, very much appreciated! As a request, could you please highlight/bold any percent changes or added comments that correspond to your most recent recruiting board update?

    Thanks again!

  15. Would be nice if you could show when certain parts of the site are updated, (either with a note, or having the newest articles up top).

    Also, do you still think Jamabo comes to us after his UT visit?

  16. We are working on a better system right now for getting the information out.

    As for Jamabo, we thought a month ago that he was all UCLA. Since then Texas has shown itself to be a real power in recruiting in-state kids. Recruiting wise, it is becoming the Texas of old – a real draw for the local kids whose parents grew up practically worshiping the football program.

    We really think in Jamabo’s mind, it is 50/50 right now. That would be to Texas’ benefit if he can’t decide since his family and friends will be pushing Texas.

    However, a lot can change in the next week. In our opinion, this is a recruit that UCLA really needs. We love Bolu but he is not the game changer that UCLA needs in the back field.