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Updated 2/24/2015 2:24 p.m., UCLA has made it official, Tom Bradley has been hired as Defensive Coordinator. More HERE.


UPDATE: Kevin Gemmel is reporting that UCLA has hired Tom Bradley and he will be on campus Tuesday. Of course, it will be for the defensive coordinator position but unknown if he will also be a position coach. We have not been able to confirm the report, but we expect it to be true from everything we have heard. BruinAuthority.com has obtained a copy of Tom Bradley’s WVU contract. See the contract for yourself – we write extensively about our thoughts of this potential hire below under our Tom Bradley section.


UPDATE: The Scout.com for-profit fan site, Bruin Report Online is reporting that “Graduate Assistant Scott White has been promoted to UCLA’s linebacker coach.” We have not verified that yet, but we do know his current position is not as a graduate assistant – his official title is “Football Intern.” It is true that he used to be a graduate assistant a year ago, and it may seem like a minor point but in our opinion, fan websites owe it to their readers to be accurate on reports like this. If they are not accurate, what are they charging for? Remember the BRO premature “scoop” of Coach Mora interviewing with the New York Jets last month?

As for us, we reported on this page three days ago that we were hearing the door was now open for White after Tommy Donatell was brought in as the “graduate Assistant” so it is not exactly front page news around here. Not only that, but we provided that and ALL our information and scoops absolutely FREE. We will keep you up to date as we learn more.

—————————- UPDATE: UCLA has brought in NFL DB coach Ed Donatell’s son, Tommy Donatell as a graduate assistant coach. Being an NFL coach’s son Donatell has grown up around the game. Considered a scrappy player, Donatell was lightly recruited as a quarterback out of high school because of two torn ACL’s. While in high school he made all-conference, was the team captain, and played safety in addition to quarterback. He ended up at Iowa as a preferred walk-on. At Iowa, Donatell was moved all over the place and while he began as a quarterback, he moved to defense, worked his way into the rotation, earned a scholarship, and eventually had starts at both safety and linebacker. After graduating from Iowa, Donatell spent the past two years on the University of South Florida’s defensive staff, and primarily worked with defensive backs. Donatell is coming to UCLA as a graduate assistant, just as he was at South Florida. There is no doubt that the long standing friendship of Donatell’s father Ed, and Coach Mora influenced the interest on both sides. We don’t know what his specific coaching duties will be at UCLA, but we have heard he is high energy, a hard worker, and has the ability to be a very good recruiter. We also are hearing this is a foretelling that current intern Scott White will get promoted to the linebackers coaching position. More on White can be found in our section on him below. And on a side note, we have been told but have not verified, that Donatell’s girlfriend is “Miss Iowa 2015.”

Here is a video interview we found of Donatell while still in college:


NOTE: We were the first site to have a Coaching Hot Board – nice to see all the other sites now posting the same list of coaches we came up with using our own sources. As Jimi Hendrix said, “I’ve been imitated so well I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.”

And as usual, if you post about it elsewhere, please give us credit. We work hard to provide FREE SCOOPS like this, and it is tough competing with the big pay sites without your help. Big thanks to those who link back to us too!

Around this time last year we saw the promotions of Jeff Ulbrich to Defensive Coordinator, Adrian Klemm to Associate Head Coach, and Demetrice Martin to Assistant Head Coach as well as the hiring of Mike Tuiasosopo as special teams and linebacker coach.

And again, with the departure of Ulbrich this week, and the now confirmed departure of Tuiasosopo, we expect to see another round of changes as Coach Mora continues to work on his staff. With both positions open at the same time on the same side of the ball, it gives Mora flexibility in position changes and in hiring the new defensive coordinator.

While we thought Coach Ulbrich was a mixed bag with some outstanding qualities, and some less than desirable ones, we look at this opening as an opportunity to significantly upgrade the quality of the coaching staff.

This is especially the case if current coaches are open to new opportunities as well. For instance, Coach Angus McClure has shown an interest in coaching different positions and is one of the most diverse coaches on the staff, having coached tight ends, offensive line, defensive line, special teams, as well as being run game coordinator, recruiting coordinator, and an assistant head coach in his coaching career. Maybe there are opportunities for him to move to a different position, freeing up a defensive line coaching position. We only mention this because there appear to be quite a few really top notch D-line coaches around right now. McClure is doing a fine job – we are just making the point that if the staffing assignments are flexible, it may allow Mora to bring in the “best coach available” somewhat regardless of position.

In order to bring in fast rising established coaches, Mora will need to offer more than just a position as a “Linebacker Coach” or “Special Teams Coach.” It will help tremendously if he can also offer them a position that brings prestige, money and helps their coaching career trajectory.

Unfortunately, UCLA is getting in the game a little late for a defensive coordinator. Some very talented coaches, who career wise, would have been open to UCLA have already taken other positions. Names that immediately come to mind include Randy Shannon who was just hired as the associate head coach and co-defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators, and Kalani Sitake who was just hired as the defensive coordinator for the Oregon State Beavers (a team BTW that is putting together a very strong coaching staff).

Also, the AFCA convention has already passed. The AFCA gets over 7,000 college coaches at the convention and is well known as a networking environment for changing jobs since informal conversations can be made.

Of course, there are staff members that may be ready to take on more responsibility such as Scott White with linebackers or Demetrice Martin for defensive coordinator. Martin is already the defensive back coach and the assistant head coach.

So for now we will use this page to look at potential candidates to fill these positions.

Scott White Record Comments
scottwProbably a Linebacker Coach UCLA Football Intern
Palomar College (LB Coach)
Central Washington University (LB Coach)
University of Washington (player)
This staff member helped Ulbrich with linebackers the past two seasons. White has some limited coaching experience and may have the inside track since he is already in the program. Pretty good linebacker in college at the University of Washington where he had ties to Rick Neuheisel. We would prefer someone with more experience but we also hear he has great potential as a recruiter, and that has to be considered.If Mora is consistent, we don’t think White will be promoted to linebacker coach. If you remember, after Steve Broussard was let go as running back coach, everyone (but us) said Deshaun Foster would be promoted. Instead, Mora hired an experienced coach in Kennedy Polamalu (patting ourselves on the back here – we were the first to break the news that Polamalu had been contacted).
Tony White Record Comments
Probably a Linebacker Coach
2009-2014 SDSU (CB/recruiting coordinator)
2008 New Mexico (LB)
2007 UCLA (GA)
This UCLA football alum has been getting some attention lately. Considered a good recruiter and rising coach, White may be a possibility to bring home.
Michael Haywood Record Comments
hayProbably Special Teams Coach 2009–2010 Miami, Ohio (HC)
2005–2008 Notre Dame (OC/RB)
2003–2004 Texas (RB/ST)
1995–2002 LSU (RB/ST)
1993–1994 Ball State (WR/RB/ST)
1991–1992 Ohio (OLB/ST)
1989–1990 Army (DB/DE/ST)
1988 Minnesota (GA)
This is an intriguing name. In his second season as head coach at Miami of Ohio, he took his team from 1-11 to 8-4, including winning the the 2010 MAC Championship Game, and being named the 2010 Mid-American Conference football coach of the year. He was considered one of the hottest coaching names around at the time and was considered both a great coach and a great recruiter. He was rumored for just about every head coaching opening. On December 16, 2010, Haywood was offered and accepted the head coaching position at the University of Pittsburgh. A rising star in every way. And then it all fell apart…On December 31, 2010, Haywood was arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from a custody battle. He was released on a $1,000 bond, and Pittsburgh then fired him before he coached a single game. In February 2012, the charges were dismissed after Haywood completed pre-trial diversion requirements, counseling, and public service.Haywood’s rise, career, and reputation were destroyed. While we do not condone domestic violence, neither do we believe his particular charges justifies never giving him a chance to work again either. The court actions indicate he is not considered a menace, bail was only $1,000 for a man who was making hundreds of thousands a year, and the charges were eventually dismissed.

Currently he is interviewing for position coaching jobs to re-build his career. This would be an opportunity for UCLA to bring in a highly qualified coach with great experience not only as a head coach but also in working at and recruiting for top programs like Notre Dame, Texas, and LSU. He has extensive experience as a Special Teams coach. This would be an opportunity for UCLA to bring in an over-qualified coach at a Special Teams Coach salary.

After the negative publicity UCLA received after the Steve Alford hiring, we don’t know if UCLA, or Bruin fans would be able to accept him with his past but as far as strictly coaching goes, this is a home run hire for whichever team gets him as a position coach.

Chad Kauha’aha’a Record Comments
CKProbably some combination of Defensive Line/Assistant Head Coach 2013-2014 Wisconsin (DL)
2011-2012 Utah (DL)
2010 Utah State (DL)
2005-2009 Weber State (DL)
2001-2004 Baldwin High School, Maui HI (HC)
Kauha’aha’a goes back to our philosophy of getting the best coach available. His only experience is coaching the defensive line, so that is where he would have to coach at UCLA. That means a move for Angus McClure. Fortunately, McClure is a well rounded coach who has coached multiple positions, including Special Teams. Mora would have to get creative in how he would handle McClure’s new role, but it could be done.As for Kauha’aha’a, he is a rising star in coaching circles. Considered one of the premier recruiters in the country, he has also coached elite college players like Star Lotulelei. Would he come to UCLA? Hard to say, because former Wisconsin head coach Anderson just took the position at Oregon State, and he immediately secured the hiring of Kauha’aha’a with the Beavers as well. We think he would be open to at least listening. He is Hawai’ian raised and with Kauha’aha’a and Polamalu both on staff, UCLA would lock down recruiting, especially among the islands and the mainland Polynesian players.
Mike Ekeler Record Comments
ekProbably a linebacker coach or outside chance of defensive coordinator 2014 Georgia (LB)
2013 USC (LB)
2011-2013 Indiana (DC)
2008-2010 Nebraska (LB)
2007 LSU (Intern)
2005-2006 LSU (GA)
2003-2004 Oklahoma (GA)
2002 Manhattan (KS) HS (AC)
1999-2001 Omaha Skutt HS (AC)
Currently, a linebacker coach at Georgia, Ekeler has been a DC at a Big-10 program so we can’t completely rule out the UCLA DC job. Ekeler is well regarded as a linebacker coach and as a recruiter, having turned the USC linebacking corp around in his lone season there. Might kill two birds with one stone, a solid linebacker coach that can recruit, and possibly the missing piece to getting Roquan Smith on board. Ekeler makes about $250,000 a year right now. To get him, UCLA would probably need to increase that by $50,000 – $100,000 and provide some opportunities that are currently not available to him. Or offer him the DC position which we don’t think is likely.
Ed Donatell Record Comments
Defensive Coordinator
2015 Chicago Bears DB coach
2011-2104 San Francisco 49ers DB coach
2010 Denver Broncos secondary coach
2008 University of Washington DC
2007 New York Jets Special Assistant
2004-2006 Atlanta Falcons DC
2000-2003 Green Bay Packers DC
1995 Denver Broncos secondary coach
1990 New York Jets secondary coach
Donatell was Coach Mora’s defensive coordinator for three seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. A long time coach with extensive experience on the defensive side of the ball. His knock is that his lone college experience in the past 25 years was as the DC for the Washington Huskies during their disastrous season under Tyrone Wittingham in 2008. Based on Donatell’s career, we suspect the problems at Washington had more to do with Wittingham than Donatell – it is probably a year he would like back. Currently he is a position coach with the Chicago Bears. We would suspect he would prefer being a defensive coordinator at this stage in his career. Not to mention Chicago has a high of 34 degrees today. UPDATE: UCLA just hired Donatell’s son, Tommy Donatell as a football graduate assistant.

Other coaches that may be in the mix:

Tom Bradley – After spending 32 years rising in the coaching ranks at Penn State under Joe Paterno, Bradley was not retained by new coach Bill O’Brian. After taking two years off, Bradley emerged at West Virginia as the senior associate head coach and defensive line coach. Having spent 12 years as the Penn State Defensive Coordinator, Bradley certainly has the experience to be a defensive coordinator at UCLA. Bruce Feldman is breaking the story that Bradley is “close to being hired” at UCLA. While we cannot confirm the validity of that, our sources are hearing a lot of buzz that indicates Mora and Guerrero are very active this week in the DC search. Things appear to be happening fast at this point.

Anyway, we will soon find out if Feldman has a good source or if this is a logical guess to get some attention. After all, Bradley has been mentioned in connection with the UCLA DC position for the last two openings so it is not exactly front page news to throw his name out there again. If Bradley gets hired, Feldman and the others look like geniuses and if not, no one can prove it almost didn’t happen. It is a win-win for Feldman and the fan sites to report this. We are not saying it won’t happen, but we are suspicious when these stories leak before the contract is signed. Also, it is common for coaches themselves to leak these things because they want to manufacture a “demand” for their services in order to leverage promotions or increase in pay within their current schools. Bradley has frequently been connected to various job openings yet never seems to get, or accept them, such as the head coach positions at UConn, Temple, and Pitt…

Also, we have kept a low profile on this because Bradley was at Penn State during the Sandusky meltdown. Reporting Bradley to UCLA before the contract is signed could derail the entire hire by giving detractors time to mobilize. If you remember the drama that surrounded the Steve Alford hire, it is fair to say that would have probably not have gone through if there was enough notice that he was a candidate. There is no evidence that we can find that Bradley had any knowledge of or was in any way complicit in the Sandusky crimes.

So if this is the guy Mora wants, we all need to support Mora and not undermine him. We really wish the Bruin fan sites had waited until AFTER the ink was dry, to give Mora a better chance of bringing him in.

As for Bradley as a coach, the man has serious experience, but we would have liked to see a coach with experience across different programs/conferences and a coach who is a little younger than the almost 60 year old Bradley. He has never coached on the west coast, and frankly, we consider the PAC-12 offenses to be the most sophisticated of any conference in the country. We are also getting very mixed reports from the east coast regarding his recruiting acumen. When he was younger, he used to be considered a strong recruiter who locked up certain areas of Pennsylvania. Presumably he would still be a recruiter to be reckoned with in that region. If UCLA can hire an ELITE recruiter to replace Tuiasosopo then that would mitigate any deficiencies Bradley might have as a recruiter.

We are not at all opposed to this hire, and think he is solid. In fact, people we have spoken to who have been involved with the Penn State program for years, speak VERY highly of him. We have our reservations still, but are warming up to him by the hour.

Will Bradley come? Currently, his job description is Senior Associate Head Coach and DL Coach. The current DC, Tony Gibson was promoted from the safeties coaching position last year and we suspect Bradley was brought in to mentor and help Gibson. Bradley seems to have been brought in by the WVU athletic director and Gibson may not have had much to say about it. Therefore, there may be cracks in the relationship. So from that perspective, Bradley may be quite open to a change in schools. On the other hand, Bradley is a Pennsylvania region man from birth. He has never worked or lived elsewhere, and his entire family still lives in Pennsylvania. Maybe he wants a change, but it seems odd that a man who has lived his entire life in one place would want to move across the country for a job when he is almost 60. We hope he stays for a while if hired, and not leave UCLA with three DC’s in three years.

We are hearing that Bradley and Mora have the same agent which would help explain some of the questions surrounding his name being floated as well as Mora’s interest.

Some people have asked us if UCLA can afford him. In this current contract year he made $600,000 last year and will make around $400,000 this year. So to put that in perspective, offensive line coach Adrian Klemm will make $760,000 this year, so yes, UCLA can definitely afford that and more to get Bradley here.


Jim Haslett – a long time coach, having been a linebackers coach or a defensive coordinator for 5 different NFL teams. Negligible college experience. Coached with Mora almost 20 years ago with the New Orleans Saints.

Tom Mason – former SMU defensive coordinator looking for a job. Another coach with a long college career as a linebackers coach and a defensive coordinator. Currently interviewing for the defensive coordinator position at Hawaii.

Keith Armstrong – a respected, long time coach with a lot of experience and currently the Special Teams Coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. Armstrong has been a coach for receivers, linebackers, defensive backs, special teams, safeties, and secondary. He has coached for Temple, Miami, Akron, Oklahoma State, and Notre Dame on the college level. And has coached for the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, and Miami Dolphins in the NFL. Never coached on the West Coast, but we believe he would be receptive to the challenge of being a DC at a major university.

Dave Aranda – When Wisconsin head coach Gary Anderson left Wisconsin for Oregon State, he asked the native Californian Aranda to come with him. However, Aranda decided to stay put, citing that his family likes it there. Now, he has been working with new Wisconsin head coach Paul Chryst for the past month and if that relationship is not going well, then all bets are off. However, we believe he is set on Wisconsin for at least the next couple years. BIG UPDATE: A Wisconsin newspaper reported on 2/11/2015 that Aranda interviewed for the Green Bay Packers for an unknown position. We don’t know what this means for UCLA exactly, if anything. Since Green Bay is still in the same state as the University of Wisconsin, and he reportedly stayed at Wisconsin because of his family, it may mean that he is only open to offers nearby. On the other hand, if it indicates that he and Chryst are not fitting in together, then he may be open to leaving the state. We plan on keeping a close eye on this one.

Brian Jean-Mary – currently Texas Linebacker coach and recruiting coordinator. Jean-Mary would be a huge pickup as a linebacker coach at UCLA. A talented recruiter (Jean-Mary was critical for Texas in securing 5-star 2015 linebacker Malik Jefferson over UCLA), Jean-Marie would help UCLA make significant recruiting inroads in the south. The trick to getting Jean-Marie is getting him to leave the south – he has only coached at southern schools. With 15 years of coaching experience, Jean-Mary has served as a linebacker coach, assistant head coach, defensive backs coach, and as a strength and conditioning coach.

Tim Kish – Oklahoma outside linebackers coach. Speculation is that Kish was expecting to be promoted with the many coaching changes at Oklahoma in the past few weeks. He didn’t get it and is now simply the outside linebackers coach. With his extensive experience and waning years, it must be a disappointing situation for him to be slighted in this way. We suspect that given the circumstances he would be very interested in the UCLA DC position, a co-DC position, or even as a special teams/linebacker coach. Kish is a solid coach with extensive experience having been a defensive coordinator at Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Arizona. At most of those stops he was also the linebacker coach. For UCLA fans, he may be best known as the Arizona interim head coach (before Rich Rodriguez was hired) that directed a 48-12 win over the Bruins in 2010. UCLA is now exploring a co-defensive coordinator staff and Kish would definitely fit the bill of an older experienced coach mentoring a rising coach such as Demetrice Martin.

Other coaches that probably do not have a chance:

DeWayne Walker – We suspect this is purely a wish on the part of some fans. We see very little likelihood of this hire. The days of the UCLA administration forcing coordinators on head coaches are over.

Greg Robinson – Been around a long time but this is certainly not the sexy hire we all want. Currently, defensive coordinator for San Jose State.

Clancy Pendergast – current inside linebacker coach for the San Francisco 49ers. Pendergast has extensive experience and knows the PAC-12 well having graduated from Arizona, and serving as defensive coordinator for both Cal and USC. NOTE: Pendergast was hired on 2/9/2015 to be the San Francisco 49er linebacker coach. Although it does occasionally happen, it would be hard to imagine Pendergast resigning an NFL position a couple days after he signed a contract. We suspect it would not go over well with NFL general managers, and may hinder any opportunities to work in the NFL in the future.

Rocky Seto – we have very mixed feelings about Seto. A Trojan grad, a Trojan coach, a Pete Carroll disciple, but also considered to be a really good, smart coach.

Ed Orgeron – while the chances of Orgeron coming to Westwood are slim to none, this is a guy that intrigues us. Possibly the best recruiter in the nation, and we believe a good enough coach to be a defensive coordinator, this hire would send chills throughout the PAC-12. If we had him this past recruiting season, defensive linemen would be the last of our worries. Unfortunately he was hired as the d-line coach at LSU three weeks ago and would be unlikely to look at other offers for a while.

Tosh Lupoi – like Orgeron, another coach we missed by a couple weeks. Lupoi is an extremely successful recruiter who relates very well to young players. He was probably the fastest rising coach on the west coast until recruiting violations derailed his career trajectory. Sarkisian tried to bring him to USC but the university was afraid of lingering recruiting violations and overruled Sark. However, Alabama brought him in as some sort of “football analyst” last year and just promoted him to linebacker coach. Do we think Lupoi should have been hired by UCLA? No, not necessarily, but UCLA is building a program and recruiting is at the heart of it. UCLA needs to look at EVERY possibility and then make decisions as to the suitability of each candidate. For instance, if UCLA can bring in an elite recruiter as a position coach, the recruiting acumen of the defensive coordinator is not as important.

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  1. What about Tui? Everyone says he is fired.

  2. Sorry, we don’t speculate on guys being fired.

    We have met Mike Tuiasosopo and believe him to be a good decent person. No reason to publish he has been fired so his wife and kids can read it here first.

  3. Staying within reality I think Jim Mora will hire within, thinking about opportunity and logistics also the trust Jim Mora has towards the available coaches.

    My wish is Angus is moved to ST, hire the two from UW’s staff Dave Aranda and Chad Kauha’aha’a. Aranda has the great combination of youth and experience with the “34” defense. I think it’s a long term solution because I think the two I mentioned would see UCLA as an upgrade and a challenge. Hiring a DC with extensive NFL experience is nice but do they have the personality to handle recruiting?

  4. We would agree. In fact, we would consider bringing in Aranda and Kauha’aha’a with the coaches we already have on staff to be a dream team of a coaching staff.

    Unfortunately, the chances of getting either today are slim. We would have had a solid to very good chance at both a couple weeks ago, before they signed new contracts.

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  11. The candidates already have jobs so they don’t necessarily want UCLA leaking their names until a contract is signed. UCLA doesn’t want names leaked because they don’t want to enter into a bidding war with other teams. We are actually surprised the administration has been able to keep the candidates under wraps. This is a good sign to us because the leaks usually come from candidates looking to leverage their current position for more money. In other words, they are just using UCLA and have no plans to come. The fact that we have not been hearing these rumors indicates that the candidates Mora is talking to have integrity and are in fact very interested in the openings.

    The big problem is the timing. Being after the season, a lot of the good candidates have already taken jobs or firmed up their current positions.

    Thanks for your comments – we take pride in what we are doing here so it is nice to be appreciated.

    We have some big things coming up in the next couple weeks so keep visiting!

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  14. Thanks. A lot of times we are just updating several smaller updates and trying to get as much info out there as fast as possible. But we understand exactly what you are saying and are working on a new system of making updates so that it makes more sense.

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    However, Feldman does not mention BRO as the source for his breaking story and Feldman works for the parent company that owns Scout.com. Most if not all other major media outlets are crediting Feldman with breaking the story including:

    CBS Sports
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  17. The Bruin Nation site says it is vetoing UCLA hiring Bradley. In fact, I think they are claiming they have already put a stop to it.

    Is that possible?

  18. Well, Chancellor Block, nor Dan Guerrero, nor Jim Mora work for any of the fan sites. So no, they cannot just veto anyone from getting hired.

    However, if they can raise enough noise and get all the pay sites and fans talking about the “scandal” before a contract is signed, we believe from past experience that the UCLA administration would likely back down and prevent the hiring. Not sure how much “noise” that requires but UCLA is very concerned about “image” and bad publicity these days.

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    I am calling this guy “Bradusky” from now on. Two peas in a pod.

  22. From all the research we have done, Bradley seems like a stand up decent person. We found no evidence that he was involved or had knowledge of any of the incidents. Everything is pure speculation.

    As for Bradley working with Sandusky for years, and therefore knows everything about him, we would disagree. One of the Guys here related to us an experience where he worked with someone for 10 years, a person everyone liked and thought much of. That person was then charged and convicted of stealing from the company for years. It was a total shock to everyone. Just because you work with someone and they are friends at work, does not mean you really know what is going on inside their minds.

    Speaking only for ourselves, we have absolutely no issue whatsoever with Bradley’s past, and believe he deserves another chance.

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    There is a certain amount of Penn State baggage to sort through and at his pay level, a number of hurdles that have to be jumped since UCLA is a state school. That all takes time.

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  29. I agree with your comments. Some of these so called sites shoot from the hip.

    Didn’t they also say that Bradley would be hired within 24 hours?

    Everyone is trying to be the first to claim they got the scoop and they do that by just making crap up. They are so vague that they can come back later and spin that whatever happened is what they REALLY meant.

    And they all say “MY SOURCES” tell me… This is the ultimate out so that they don’t have to be accountable. If it happens they can say “look how awesome our sources are!” If it doesn’t happen they can say “our awesome sources were correct AT THAT MOMENT but things out of their control changed since then. We stand by what we reported.” So basically they spin it to make them look credible. Since no one can dispute it, they win either way. Then the ultimate insult is that they charge you for it!

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    We have actually worked with University administrators in the past, and quite honestly, they need someone watching the hen house and BN provides that.

    The only issue that we might have with BN is that we often get visitors here telling us that fans (not the administrators) on BN are posting our information without giving us credit. This happens on all the sites and so there is probably no answer for it. We do work hard to dig up this info and provide it for free so it is frustrating to see others take credit for it.

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  33. Sorry but they really don’t look similar at all. We love UCLA history and that is actually a great article by Bruins Nation.

  34. Bruin report online is a respected site. Bashing them will drive away a lot of visitors. Back when Brian Dohn ran inside ucla, that blog was swarmed with fans. Bruin fans are still looking for a great free site. This could be it….or it could choose to be whiny.

    Please tell me this site isn’t bruins nation jr and doesn’t exist just to try to run bro out of business for all the bruinsnation hate in the forums? If so, please reconsider your goal and instead be professional and be the next Brian Dohn.

  35. We have probably mentioned BRO no more than 3 times in the 8 year history of this site. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative. The fact is that we welcome all Bruin sites including BRO and have often said so. The more there are, the more choices there are for Bruin fans.

  36. I left the most recent anonymous comment, but after your thoughtful response I went back and read several previous posts and your interactions with commenters. I must admit i had just encountered your site recently and may have judged too quickly. I like that you don’t delete respectfully stated opposing views. I also found a lot of positivity, something many of us are searching for. Mora isn’t perfect, but the change between now and before he came is unreal. Keep staying away from over-negativity and insulting pay sites and I’m in.