May 062014

A reader asked us if all the UCLA fan sites conspire together to manipulate the Bruin fans so they can make more money. They pointed out some similarities between the sites.

At first we thought no way, after all some of these are “for profit” ventures. They would consider rival Bruin sites as just there to take food out of their mouths. Heck even the free fans sites are not all that friendly behind the boards. We have offered to help promote other sites in the past and in some cases to work with them for a mutually beneficial improvement of both sites. They acted like we were crazy (working together??? HA!). Well maybe we are a little crazy but we are getting the hits.

Anyway, the question about these sites colluding was interesting so we started looking around a little.

Right after the Spring Showcase, on April 29, UCLA Rivals started something called a “Spring Recap.” Basically an almost daily look at each position group. The same day…gulp…UCLA Scout started something called a “Spring Review” that looked at each position group similar to the “Spring Recap.” Double gulp.

wait for it…
wait for it…
two days later on May 1, Jack Wang on the Inside UCLA blog for the Daily News started a new series that looked surprisingly like the other two, a mouthful called the “Post Spring Position Outlook.” ZAP!!! BAM!!! POW!!! WHO GOOFED, I’VE GOT TO KNOW!!!

For fun, we made a chart to see what position group reviews have been posted by each site, and when they were posted.

Position Rivals
Spring Recap
Daily News
Post Spring
Position Outlook
Spring Review
Quarterbacks 4/29/2014 5/1/2014 5/5/2014
Running backs 4/30/2014 5/2/2014 5/2/2014
O-Line 5/1/2014 5/4/2014 4/29/2014
Receivers 5/2/2014 5/3/2014 5/1/2014
D-Line 5/5/2014 5/6/2014 5/6/2014

Are we the only ones that think it is more than a little odd that all three commercial sites are reviewing the same position groups and that they are coming out in a similar order (D-Line was the last for all three)? We don’t know why and we are not accusing anyone of anything, BUT in our opinion this is an extraordinary coincidence.

We will let our readers speculate as to why that is.

Okay, that was our hard hitting news piece for the day. Now back to the cheerleaders…

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  1. Oh man, This is PRICELESS! Talk about getting busted. I’d love to see the faces on those guys when they see this!

  2. These guys are psychic and just merely reading each other’s minds! No conspiracy at all! LOL

  3. Trojan fan here. I subscribe to the USC Scout site and have not noticed this crap happening on the Trojan sites.

    I have to say though that this is hilarious!

  4. You guys should write an e-book on all the drama that surrounds these fans sites. If these people are all Bruin alums we are all in trouble. Really disappointed in them. What happened to taking pride in your work?

  5. After reading your story I checked myself and ALL THREE came out with their linebacker story TODAY! ROTFL. You pegged these guys. If I was paying for that info I’d be pissed.