Jan 012014

Steve Alford and Andy Enfield were hired two days apart last April at UCLA and USC respectfully.

And all was blissful in the world of Los Angeles college basketball.

Then it all stopped.  On 10/15/2013,  “Dunk City Enfield” launched the first shot by telling his players in front of media, “If you want to play slow, go to UCLA!”

He followed that up by stating in the December Men’s Journal, “I don’t worry about them (UCLA),” said Enfield with a smile. “I’ve made it to one Sweet Sixteen in two years, and he’s (Alford) made it to one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years.”

In between, he has tossed a few jabs at other programs, coaches ae(including a former USC head coach), and even a city or two. We are particularly fascinated by the newest Enfield/Floyd feud. If you have not heard about it then click HERE, and then HERE and then HERE. Riveting guy this Enfield is.

We couldn’t find any statistics on team dunks, so we have focused on scoring. We assume if you are going to use the moniker of “Dunk City” and brag about how fast your team plays, then your team should resemble an entertaining high flying, high scoring team. So to make sure everyone is accountable we are going to start tracking young Mr. Enfield.

And so it begins:

Games Dunk City Enfield Steve Alford Winner Running Average
UCLA 72, Drexel 67
USC 65, Utah State 78
65 72 Alford UCLA 72
USC  65
UCLA 81, Oakland 60
USC 95, Cal State Northridge 79
 95  91  “Dunk City” Enfield UCLA 81.5
USC  80.0
UCLA 86, Sacramento State 50
USC 67, Northern Arizona 63
67  86  Alford UCLA 83.0
USC  75.7
UCLA 81, Morehead State 70
USC 76, Cal State Fullerton 62
76  81  Alford UCLA 82.5
USC  75.8
UCLA 106 vs Chatttanooga 65
USC 73, West Alabama 57
 73  106  Alford UCLA 87.2
USC  75.2
Note: UCLA had 10 dunks in this game. Has USC had that many in their entire season?  I tend to think that Alford is the REAL “Dunk City” in L.A.
UCLA 105 vs Nevada 84
USC 79 vs Villanova 93
 79  105  Alford UCLA 90.2
USC  75.9
Note: Well, this is getting embarrassing…for “Dunk City Enfield.”  After six games UCLA is averaging over 90 a game and over 15 per game ahead of USC.
UCLA 95 vs Northwestern 79
USC 63 vs Wake Forest 77
 63  95  Alford UCLA 90.9
USC  74.0
Note: Too bad PG Jordan McLaughlin didn’t wait until the late signing period.

Yawn. Crickets. Snooze. Well, young Mr. Enfield and USC’s style of play were boring the heck out of us with their slow down basketball – are they trying to bring back the four corners offense?  And across town, holy guacamole, UCLA was the 6th highest scoring team in the country at a 90.9 average.

And then it happened. Trojan Armageddon. USC’s Waterloo. Enfield’s Ambush. UCLA dropped 107 on USC in the first meeting between “Mr. Excitement” and Coach Alford. We lost count on how many dunks UCLA unleashed on the hapless, sloppy “Dunk City” Trojan team.

Now we at Bruin Authority love the competitive rivalry as much as anyone, but if an unproven coach like Enfield is going to lob verbal grenades at an established, respected coach like Alford who has more wins than any other coach under the age of 50, we expect him to back them up. Enfield can’t and it comes across as unsportsmanlike, unprofessional, rude, childish, and classless.

In other words, he appears highly qualified to coach at USC.