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A pay site is claiming that Coach Mora is interviewing for the Jets head coaching position, either today or tomorrow. Here is the Tweet:

That site is now being mentioned by news organizations and websites all over the country. Getting possibly thousands of links back to their site, an amount of publicity that they could never pay for, new Twitter followers, and probably a lot of new subscribers. And of course, they have a prominent link to a story that you have to pay for if you want the “inside information” and “breaking news” on the subject.

All good right?

Wrong. We have always been a little skeptical of pay sites because we believe their allegiance is not to the UCLA Bruins. We believe their allegiance is to making money. Period.

This is a great example. We believe that throwing out a statement like this is tantamount to sabotaging the program and sends the current fans into a frenzy, hopefully to subscribe to that site in order to get the REAL story on when Mora is leaving.

But it does deeper damage. If you are a player on the team, how do you feel about reading that in the morning? Are they thinking their coach is bailing on them and they have to hear it from some website? How about the assistant coaches whose families and livelihoods depend on their job at UCLA? And most importantly, how about the recruits? We are not sure a week goes by without some UCLA “fan” website claiming that Mora’s departure is imminent. This takes its toll on the program. It builds a sense of instability, regardless of how many times Mora has to deny it. Even if Mora tells every recruit he is staying, recruits will look at other schools just because of all the rumors. Coaches from other schools will be feeding this Tweet to each of our recruits. They will be told that after they sign with UCLA, Mora can leave and there is nothing they can do. They will be “stuck” with UCLA and a different coaching staff that they don’t know.

You don’t think the Trojan coaches will play that angle? We sure do.

This can even affect donations to the new football athletic facility.

Frankly, we just hope these so called “fan sites” will start caring more about the program than about creating drama for money.

UPDATE 3:15 p.m. 1/5/2015:

A new Tweet. What a surprise.

Frankly, we HATE this kind of speculative reporting and we REALLY hate it when someone writes that Mora is leaving as a factually true statement “according to sources.”

And of course, as we did our own investigative research, we found that Mora and the Jets rumors are not even new. We found reports from a week ago stating that Mora was contacted by the Jets, (as well as many other coaches in addition to Mora) to see if he had any interest. Note to those who claim to be in the media: Just because a school or pro team contacts Mora, that is not the same as “Mora will…interview for the Jets job.” Good grief.

Maybe he is leaving, but there is no reason to report it without the proof. We think it is destructive to the program and unnecessary, even if there is a profit to be made.

Sure, we ourselves talk about this subject from time to time. But we always put the positive (but truthful) spin on it. Our position is that it is great that we have a coach that is in demand from the top college teams in the country, as well as the NFL. It is a testament as to how good a coach Mora is. If we were recruits, we would want to play for a coach that the best football minds in the country want leading their programs. If you care about the program, THAT SHOULD BE THE STORY. It not only supports the program, helps with recruiting (and recruits do read this site), but most importantly IT IS THE TRUTH. After all, how many stories are there out there claiming that the Jets or college football blue bloods like the University of Michigan/Texas were interested in Sarkisian? Zero. None. That says it all.

Well, the damage is done, there is no accountability, and the profits have been made. Just another day as a Bruin fan.

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  4 Responses to “MORA AND THE JETS”

  1. Fantastic assessment on paid sites and their affect on the program.

  2. Great read Bruin Authority Guys! You guys rock keep up the good work. Giving you a shout out at Bruin Gold.

  3. It’s absolutely disgusting and thank you for your comments. Unfortunately it’s all about the all mighty buck and truth and loyalty be damned. Creating a soap opera and it’s continuing saga attracts viewers and garners support. How that effects individuals and teams is not given any consideration. Again, thank you for your honesty and dlligence