Jul 022015

We don’t know Brandon Huffman.  Never met the man.

The man writes recruiting articles for Scout.com.  We don’t have a subscription to Scout so we rarely read anything there unless someone sends us a link to a free article. We are not even sure of his allegiances (although not that it matters today, we are told he loves UCLA).

But what we do know is that Mr. Huffman is going through one of the most difficult things a human being could ever go through.

His young daughter Avery has terminal cancer.  He wrote a heartbreaking account of it, and we suspect that for him to write it had to be painful beyond words.

By all appearances, Brandon is one of us.  A man who loves college athletics.  Loves recruiting.  Loves his family.

We are supporting Brandon at this time and we hope you do too.

You can read his touching story HERE.  There is also a GoFundMe site at the same location if you would like to help.

UPDATE  7/3/2015: Coach Mora, Dan Guererro and the UCLA family are helping to raise funds.  Here are links to more information about the situation and ways to help:

Jim Mora wins the day. By a million points.

UCLA Coach Mora’s Challenge to Support Avery

Jim Mora Jr. steps up for family in desperate need