Jan 292014

Adoree’ Jackson – (UPDATE: 1/28 Adoree’ tweeted his final four were UCLA, Florida, LSU and USC.)

UPDATE: 1/31 Coaches from both Florida and LSU met with Adorre’ today at his high school.

Jackson is scheduled to announce 2/5 at 11:00 a.m. on ESPNU.

Jackson wants to participate in track and field (California state champion long jumper with a best of 25’0″) as well as play football in college, and we have been hearing that one of the big drawbacks for Adoree’ and UCLA is that the UCLA track program doesn’t inspire him. Well, maybe this will shake things up a little.

UCLA just enrolled renowned sprinter Abraham Hall. Hall had the fastest prep 100 meter time in the country to go with his Texas state championship. Hall has run a 10.19 100 and a 20.58 200, both among the fastest times in prep history. Make no mistake, this is a big time track recruit and puts the future of UCLA track back on the map.

UCLA director of track and field Mike Maynard said “Abraham’s 100/200m times in high school are nothing short of spectacular. I believe that this is one of the most talented young sprinters in the world of his generation. I consider Abraham to be a cornerstone, and indicator of our future emphasis in recruiting efforts in the sprints.

Also, UCLA received a commitment on 1/23 from Amir Ali Patterson of Crespi High School. Named as one of California’s “Fab Five” in Track and Field, Patterson won the shot put at the World Youth Trials, finished second in the discus at the World Youth Trials, made the U.S. Youth National Track and Field team and went on to finish 7th at the IAAF World Youth Championships in Donetsk, Ukraine (the highest finish of any one in the Western Hemisphere!). He is currently ranked 8th on the World Youth List. This is remarkable because he did all this as a junior in high school. He is expected to be the top rising shot putter in the world during his senior year.

Also, UCLA has reaffirmed its commitment to track and field with the recently announced renovation of Drake Stadium. You can read about the renovation in our story HERE.

Track coach Maynard has started personally recruiting Jackson and Mora has told Adoree’ that he is comfortable with him participating in both sports. As far as track and field programs go, Florida is top notch, but there is not a lot separating UCLA, LSU, and USC.

An interesting side note, USC has a female track and field head coach, Caryl Smith Gilbert. Gilbert is a Bruin alum.

We are hearing speculation that since he did not take an official visit to UCLA, then they are probably out of it. We don’t agree.

Adoree’ has offically visited Florida State, LSU, Tennessee and Oklahoma.  Yet three (Florida, UCLA, USC) of his four finalists  are schools he has not officially visited.  Only LSU is on both lists.

We hear he is really struggling with his decision. He has one official visit left that he can take.  Where he decides to take it, if at all will be very revealing into his thought process. Both USC and UCLA are trying to get it. With the list of elite players UCLA is bringing in on 1/31, it might be tempting for Adoree’ to be a part of that.

At this point, nothing would surprise us. In fact, we would not be surprised if he doesn’t even sign on signing day.

  5 Responses to “Adoree’ Jackson Hot Board”

  1. So nothing seperates USC and ucla in track? LOLOLOLOL. How about DOZENS of national championships that USC owns? When it comes to track we OWN the sport. Do your research!!!

  2. TROJANNATION – Yes you are right. USC does have national championships in track and field. In fact the most recent one was only 37 years ago. 18 years before Adoree’ was born. We are sure he will be impressed.

    All the other USC men’s championships were 1960’s and earlier.

  3. Caught you in a LIE. Last USC national championship was 2001!

  4. Well, we were talking about Men’s national championships (and we said so). You are talking about Women’s. We will be glad to let Adoree’ know that if he wants to be on a women’s track team, USC is the place to go.

    So let’s settle this:

    Last USC men’s track NC was 1976 and everything else was before 1968. Last and only Women’s title was 2001 (outdoor only).

    Last UCLA track NC was 1988, with titles in 1978, 1987 as well. Last Women’s title was 2004, with titles in 1982, 1983, 2000, 2001 (indoor) as well.

    So under further review, we have to agree with your original post, there is no comparison between the UCLA and USC track and field programs. UCLA’s is far better with much more success in recent years.

    We have been told that Adoree’ checks this site out from time to time. We’ll be glad to let him know that if he wants Men’s track to go to UCLA. And if he wants Women’s track, go to USC. Thanks for pointing that out for him TROJANNATION!

  5. You guys at Bruin Authority crack me up. That’s the way to put a ToejamNation troll in his place!! Love it. Every day and in every way there is no comparison between the two schools. Athletics, location and don’t even get me started about academics. If an athlete wants to also be a student, go to UCLA. I he/she wants to learn ballroom dancing go the USC…or even better Arthur Murray (and save yourself a couple hundred thousand wasted dollars!!).