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Our heads are spinning with all the recruiting news from the past week. UCLA has been running its football camps the last week and a half and on campus were elite recruits from all over the country. We have the list here.

The following information comes from public sources, social media (yeah we follow a lot of recruits!), and a few key knowledgeable insiders we know.

The UCLA Camp Schedule:
Tuesday, June 17,  Kick, Punt, and Snap Specialist Camp
Sunday, June 22, Elite Big Man Camp
Monday, June 23, Elite Skills Camp
Tuesday, June 24, 7-on-7 Team Camp
Wednesday, June 25, Bruin Elite Camp

The camp staff for all these camps is made up of the UCLA coaching staff as well as a few current and former players.

Note: USC was also running their Rising Stars two-day camp this week as well, so many of these recruits found their way to both campuses.

We used the star composite ratings of 247 Sports. We are constantly asked to include star rankings in our reports and the composite feels a little more discerning than the others.

However, even though we have included star ratings, we have found the the ranking sites can vary considerably on their evaluations for any particular player, so we here at BruinAuthority.com don’t put too much stock in them. For instance, Myles Jack was arguably UCLA’s most impactful player of the 2013 class as a true freshman (and one of the best in the nation), yet 247 Sports listed him as a three star player and only the fifth best player in the state of Washington on their “247 Sports Rating.” There are plenty of examples on the other ranking sites as well.

Also, we list offers but the exact nature of an offer anymore is dubious. In the not so distant past, UCLA would produce a written formal offer to the recruit (click here for an example). Generally, when the school offered the recruit, it was saying if you commit, we will no longer recruit others for your spot, and will guarantee your scholarship, even if you get hurt between now and signing day. In return, the committed recruit was expected to shut down recruiting and not take any visits or entertain other schools.

Today, recruits can commit to a specific school, take four other official visits, then change their mind on signing day and ruin the recruiting strategy and plans of the coaches. So verbal offers are much more common, and even verbal offers can be vague as well (Can the recruit commit at any time? Is it based on what other recruits do? Is it dependent on the recruit’s upcoming season or coming to UCLA camps? Is there an academic hurdle that needs to be cleared? Are there stipulations? etc…). So when the pay sites state a recruit has an offer, what is implied may not be the real case. For instance, it is common for the pay sites to speculate that a recruit has just been offered and will be committing “any day.” Then it doesn’t happen. Often it is because the recruit implied he would commit on social media, but when the recruit tried to, the UCLA coaches couldn’t take it for one or more of the above reasons. So we recommend taking that type of information with a grain of salt.

In alphabetical order:

Lavan Alston, 4 star, 5’11” 175, receiver, Saint Bonaventura High School, Ventura, CA. Reported to be on campus June 25. Not believed to have a UCLA offer yet. We suspect UCLA is only a backup for him to USC.

Breland Brandt, class of 2016, 5 star, defensive end, Windward School, Los Angeles, CA. Was on campus June 23. Believed to have a UCLA offer. Keep an eye on this name, will be a big time player and recruit this time next year.

K.J. Costello, class of 2016, 4 star, 6’3″ 212, quarterback, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Was on campus June 25. Not believed to have a UCLA offer yet and may not be a good fit for UCLA’s offense. We shall see.

DeShawn Fortune, 3 star, 6’1″ 250, defensive line, Etiwanda High School, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Was on campus June 22. Not believed to have a UCLA offer yet. The jury seems to be out on him right now. We’ll try to make it to an Upland game this fall and see him in person.

Jaylinn Hawkins, 4 star, 6’0″ 160, receiver, Buena Park High School, Buena Park, CA. Pay sites reported he was offered by UCLA Thursday, June 26. He was not – there is no current Bruin offer.

Andre James, 4 star, 6’4″ 270, offensive line, Herriman High School, Herriman, UT. On campus June 23. Believed to have a UCLA offer. We like James a lot and can see him developing into an impact player for UCLA down the line.

Aliz’e Jones, 4 stars, 6’4″ 217, tight end, Bishop Gorman High School, Las Vegas, NV. On campus June 25. Definitely has a UCLA offer and is committed to UCLA. Dedicated to UCLA and claims to have shut down his recruitment. Is working on team mate of receiver Cordell Broadus. For those that do not know, Broadus is the son of Snoop Dogg. Back in February, we called Broadus (along with Iman Marshall) one of the two biggest 2015 recruits for UCLA. Not so much for Broadus’ playing ability (although he is good), but for a number of intangibles that he (and his father) bring to the program.

Jack Jones, class of 2016, unranked, 5’10”, 188, wide receiver, Long Beach Poly, Long Beach, CA. Was on campus and offered by UCLA June 24.

Will Lockett, 3 star, 5’11” 180, defensive back, Manvel High School, Manvel, TX. Was on campus June 24 and 25. Believed to have a UCLA offer and currently has UCLA in his top four.

Keisean Lucier-South, 5 star, 6’4″ 223, defensive end, Lutheran High School, Orange, CA. On campus June 25. Definitely has a UCLA offer and currently has UCLA in his top eleven.

Iman Marshall, 5 star, 6’1″ 198, defensive back, Long Beach Poly High School, Long Beach, CA. On campus June 24. Definitely has a UCLA offer. Back in February, we called Marshall as perhaps our biggest 2015 recruit. Getting Marshall would make earthquakes in southern California recruiting circles, and send the message that UCLA can compete toe-to-toe with, and even out recruit USC. In our opinion, it would mark the shift we have all been waiting for, and move up the process at least two years.

Frank Martin, class of 2016, 4 star, 6’4″ 293, offensive lineman, Mater Dei High School, Santa Ana, CA. Was on campus June 22. UCLA offer status unknown.

Taeon Mason, 3 star, defensive back, Muir High School, Pasadena, CA. Was on campus June 24. Currently committed to USC. Believed to have a UCLA offer.

Ray-Ray McCloud III, 4 star, 5’9″ 170, receiver/athlete, Sickles High School, Tampa, FL. Was on campus June 24 and 25. Believed to have a UCLA offer.

Takkarist McKinley, JUCO, 3 star, 6’3″ 258, linebacker/defensive end, Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA. Was on campus June 25. Believed to have a UCLA offer but there may be academic questions. Currently has UCLA in his top four. We actually liked McKinley when he was in high school and was committed to Cal.

Quenton Meeks, 3 star, 6’1″ 190, defensive back, Del Norte High School, Crescent City, CA. Was on campus June 25. UCLA offer status unknown.

Kahi Neves, class of 2016, unranked, 6’3″ 228, quarterback, Bingham High School, South Jordan, UT. Was on campus June 25. Not believed to have a UCLA offer yet.

Ryan Newsome, 5’7″ 180, 4 star, wide receiver, Aledo High School, Aledo, TX. On campus June 9. On June 21, listed UCLA in his top five along with Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Oregon. Definitely has a UCLA offer. Official visit tentatively scheduled for October 11 (Oregon game).

Bolu Olorunfunmi, 3 star, 5’10” 212, running back, Clovis North High School, Clovis CA. On campus June 25. Definitely has a UCLA offer and is committed to UCLA. Official visit tentatively scheduled for October 4 (Utah game). We follow Bo’s tweets, and can tell you, he is gung ho in recruiting for us.

Drew Richmond, 4 star, 6’5″ 312, offensive lineman, Memphis University School, Memphis, TN. On campus June 22. Definitely has a UCLA offer. We thought he would be tough to pull out of the south, but UCLA and Adrian Klemm seem to be growing on him. His recruitment has gone from serious long shot to a toss up.

Dru Samia, 3 star, 6’4″ 301, offensive lineman, San Ramon Valley High School, Danville CA. Was on campus June 22, received UCLA offer June 21. UCLA was recruiting him early but his recruitment has exploded recently with everyone getting on him.

T.J. Simmons, 3 star, 6’0″ 201, running back, Lakeland Christian School, Lakeland, FL. On campus June 25. Definitely has a UCLA offer. Official visit tentatively scheduled for October 4 (Utah game). UPDATE: According to a Tweet by Rivals’ Edward Lewis, Simmons will be announcing Monday, June 30. UPDATE II: While we gave Lewis credit for breaking this, it looks like Simmons actually tweeted it himself first.

Cole Smith, unranked, offensive lineman, Mission Viejo High School, Mission Viejo, CA. Was on campus and reportedly received offer June 22. Son of former Rams offensive lineman, Doug Smith.

Roquan Smith, 4 star, 6’2″ 212, linebacker, Macon County High School, Montezuma, Georgia. Was on campus June 22 and 23. Definitely has a UCLA offer.

Russell Ude, 3 star, 6’3″ 260, defensive end, Westminster High School, Atlanta, GA. Was on campus June 25. Offer status unknown. Seems to be having a real up and down season on the camp circuit. Some sites claim he has a UCLA offer, but we are not so sure.

Fred Ulu-Perry, 4 star, 6’3″ 307, offensive line/defensive line, St. Louis High School, Honolulu, HI. On campus June 24 and reportedly received UCLA offer on the same day. Plays for one of the powerhouse programs on the Islands.

Rick Wade, 3 star, 6’5″ 230, defensive end, Santa Margarita Catholic High School, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. Reportedly offered by UCLA Thursday June 26.

Conner Williams, 3 star, 6’5″ 272, offensive lineman, Coppell High School, Coppell TX. Was on campus June 22 and is believed to have a UCLA offer.

Zachary Wilson, unranked, 5’11” 188, wide receiver, Upland High School, Upland, CA. Was on campus June 25. UCLA offer status unknown.

Josh Woods, 6’1″ 198, linebacker, Upland High School, Upland CA. Was on campus June 25. UCLA offer status unknown.

Recruits we heard were on campus but have not confirmed it:

Christian Rector, 3 star, 6’4″ 230, defensive end, Loyola High School, Los Angeles, CA. UCLA offer status unknown.
Rasheem Green, 5 star, 6’5″ 270, defensive tackle, Junipero Serra High School, Gardena, CA. Definitely has a UCLA offer.
Jonathan Ledbetter, currently committed to Alabama. UCLA offer status unknown.
Josh Rosen, 5 star, quarterback, Saint John Bosco High School, Bellflower, CA. Committed.

As usual, you are welcome to share information and stories you read here.  We work hard to provide this information for FREE so we just ask that you give BruinAuthority.com credit. Thanks!


  1. You guys seeing a theme with any of these recruits? Anything different from past recruiting seasons?

  2. Speed, speed, speed.

  3. A lot of recruiting action – thanks for putting htis together and making it free.

    Who do you think will commit next?

  4. T.J. Simmons tweeted he was be announcing his choice on Monday. We suspect UCLA is a heavy favorite. If he actually goes through with the announcement, that’s where we would put our money.

  5. Love this site. Great info. Also, good to see no forums. Most Bruin forums are taken over by viral pests, like ‘know-nothing’ egomaniacs and Trojan trolls. Keep up the high standard!

  6. Thanks Thom!

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